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  1. Hey brothers and sisters, So I just had my C&P for my right shoulder secondary to my left shoulder injury. Since I've injured I tend to put more strain on my right shoulder to compensate for functional loss. This has caused me to have pain and limited ROM in both shoulders. This scumbag at the VA left his opinion. Even though all my tests showed limited ROM and pain on movement of right shoulder. What's next? MEDICAL OPINION SUMMARY ----------------------- RESTATEMENT OF REQUESTED OPINION: a. Opinion from general remarks: Secondary Service Connection. Is the Veteran's shoulder condition right at least as likely as not (50 percent or greater probability) proximately due to or the result of rotator cuff tendonitis, left shoulder (non dominant)? b. Indicate type of exam for which opinion has been requested: RIGHT SHOULDER TYPE OF MEDICAL OPINION PROVIDED: [ MEDICAL OPINION FOR SECONDARY SERVICE CONNECTION ] b. The condition claimed is less likely than not (less than 50% probability) proximately due to or the result of the Veteran's service connected condition. c. Rationale: Within the concept of a pathologic entity of one specific site or joint of the human body (right shoulder in this case) it is very hypothetical to theorize or to try to conceptualize that such a pathologic process would be secondary to a SC pathological process at a separate site such as ROTATOR CUFF TENDONITIS, LEFT SHOULDER (NON DOMINANT). To ascribe a distant pathologic entity (RIGHT SHOULDER) to be secondary to the already mentioned SC condition, does not fit within the realm of a peer reviewed logical manifestation of diseases as written over centuries in the medical books. Even trying to force a connection between such SC condition and the RIGHT SHOULDER condition imperils the scientific knowledge in medicine that tries to explain disease processes and their interconnections in the most logical, reasonable and responsible ways. There is no evidence in the scientific medical literature of such connection. Therefore, the claimed condition is less likely than not proximately due to or the result of the Veteran's service connected condition. And the SC condition neither aggravates the RIGHT SHOULDER condition.
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