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  1. All of you are the reason why I joined the military. I am what you call and my words a baby vet. I join in 1995 right out of high school and I join because deep in my heart I knew I would be an excellent soldier unfortunately I did not get to be a soldier very long but I will say the being in the Army was the GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF MY YOUNG LIFE and I WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD I THANK ALL OF YOU FOR BEING AND INSPIRATION TO A LITTLE BLACK GIRL FROM THE GHETTOS OF WASHINGTON D.C. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND ALL VETS FROM THE BEGINING UNTIL..........
  2. I live in Augusta I've been here since 2001 I am from D.C. Your right about the lying and I would never do that and frankly I have so many health Issues I don't see the need to add extra false ones, besides after suffering with MS who needs to lie and suffer in HELL in about 100 years I look forward to retiring in Heaven!!!! Yeah I think the MS and the Meds are at war today because the fatigue had the upper hand yesterday morning and know the insomnia is incharge at 2am.
  3. I have been denied SSDI four times the first time I didn't appeal lets just say I was still in denial about my MS but anyway I have been waiting for an appeal hearing since August 2005 I have a lawyer. as of now I should finally receive a hearing date some time in August of this year.so who knows. Hopefully something will come. At the rate am going with social security who knows the cure for MS might be discovered first and I won't need it LOL!!!
  4. Your right Ricky about it being a good disability system as for receiving benefits and working my proplem is trying to keep a job when the meds you have to take for the rest of your life make you feel like you have the flu every other day or when you go to bed fine and wake up the next day and you can't see life is stressful enough with MS without trying to figure out how to feed your children. I know there are reason for the VA math but honestly it pains me when I have talked to Vets who say things like lie about mental health illnesses it work everytime. I feel that I shouldn't have to lie
  5. Thanks for the info and I agree with your opion on this VA math. I did try to get unemployability but I was denied it because at the time I did not have a rating of 60%. My thing is that in the State of Georgia if you are rated as 100% disable from the Va or if you get received SSDI you will be exempt for property tax and you don't have to pay for tags for your car. these are great things because my property taxes eat up my money and between my mortage and property tax I'm barely making it with two children to raised by myself and living with the MS and the treatments. so if the Va doesn't
  6. I was rate by the VA 40%. 30% for my MS and 10% for nere damage in my foot and 10% for my knee. now please explain the VAs math 30+10+10= 50 not 40. Anyway it took me 7 years any plenty of hospital stays to getting re-evaluate and receiving a rating of 70%. but once again with VA math not real math. This is what I mean I already had 40% and then I received 30% for Migraine cuased by chronic steroid use,10% for Neuropathy right upper extremity,10%right lower extremity,and 10% for GERD seondary to chronic steroid use. How does this equal 70% CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS!!!!!!!
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