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  1. Thanks. Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ve tried a few different browsers and cleared the cache. Pretty strange. I will try it from a desktop vs my iPad.
  2. Has anyone else experienced having to reset their password every time they login? Ive tried different browsers and was wondering if anyone has run into this problem. Thanks
  3. Alex, I’ve actually used your methods and have been successful while representing myself (pro se) during a recent new claim and an appeal. I want to thank you for your commitment to our fellow veterans, severing others, and your unique style/approach. Keep up the great work and I enjoyed your book. I also let my boss borrow it it as he was having some issues w/the VA and his claim. Thanks
  4. Thank you for the information and this is extremely helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to provide that response.
  5. Hello Fellow Members, I suffer from Hypertension and am service connected for both PTSD and OSA (sleep apnea). I have an appointment with my PCP next week and will ask the MD which one of my service connected ailments were more likely than not have been the cause of my hypertension. Is there any new evidence that supports PTSD being more of a contributing factor to hypertension over OSA that anyone has come across? I will go with what the MD says and will get an IMO but was seeing if anyone has had any success with their claims for secondary hypertension. Thanks
  6. Is there a web browser that is known to work better for viewing this page? I usually view from chrome and I’m not having any issues but was wondering if you have any recommendations. Thanks.
  7. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation! We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Your donation includes 1 month of ad free viewing. If you prefer the ad free view, you can subscribe for a monthly or yearly subscription. Thanks Tbird/VA Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - HadIt.com Veterans
  8. What is Mr. Howard's background and what is the validity of the claims made on the episode on Thursday, September 20, 2018? I would like to learn more about what Mr. Howard was repeatedly asking the moderator by saying, "ya know" repeatedly during the podcast. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into this production but this episode seemed to expand on a lot of rhetoric that I think the listeners could benefit from knowing/learning based on the info passed. Maybe the show could have a format like other podcasts, shows, etc. For example - Intro, highlights, news, trending, ta
  9. Thanks to the gentlemen that put together (ladies too if they're behind the scenes) the podcast. I enjoy listening and find myself talking to the laptop while the forum that is broadcasting tries to deceiver each others words. I hope the host gets past his cough and is not in any pain. I will say, tonight we heard a lot of feedback/background noise and it sounded like someone was opening and closing lots of cabinets. However, I know your time is valuable and wanted to say thanks for dedicating your spare time to helping us out here. Take care!
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