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  1. How do I go in and ask for records from 1979? Aren't they going to be a little bit suspicious of just from my Federal Tort Claim just wanting files from those dates? Also, how do I get any records from the VA counsel regarding my settlement I didn't have a lawyer to file for me, I filed myself and won. I can't prove my left knee is because of what happened to my right knee. I need someone who knows what they are doing to help me get these files. I have had some important files disappear for no reason at all. Know of any good Veteran representatives that could get me these files? DAV wants you to be a member, which I will not be, and the VFW, well they have been somewhat worthless in the past, I was getting Social Security Disability for depression until I turned 65, then they turned it into retirement benefits. I am kind of left out here in nowhere. I did request some of my records from the VA in Denver, Co, but never got them. Kinda stuck if you know what I mean. I really think the VA has blackballed me for filing the malpractice suite on them.
  2. I had a right knee Arthroscopy Surgery on my right knee in 1997 and ended up with Stapf Infection about a month later. I was admitted to the Veterans Hospital in Denver, Co. and spent 6 weeks in the nursing home there on antibiotics. They had to operate on my knee while I was there to clean out the infection from staff. After I was discharged I found out what staff infection was and filed a Form 95 against the VA for Malpractice. In 2001 I received a settlement from the Veterans Administration for the sum of $40,000.00. I have heard that you can file a Form 1151 for non-service disability due to VA negligence. I am wondering if I can still file that, and what will I need. I don't have any of the original paperwork. What can I do? The VA had to do a total knee in 2003 because of the staph infection, and then a revision of the total knee in 2004. Both operations failed, and now I can only bend my knee at 90 degrees. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Because of this, now my right knee is giving me problems and is making getting around difficult.
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