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  1. wemer13


    Buck I appreciate the reply. My current disabilities are (PTSD 70%, Left Shoulder 20%, Right Shoulder 20%, Tinitus 10%, Back 10%, Ridicalopathy left leg 10%) I have Sleep Apnea diagnosed through the V.A but denied due to no in service treatment. Not sure how to proceed?
  2. wemer13


    Hello everyone have a question! I am on TDIU. My award letter states that I have a combined rating of 90% P&T with no future exams scheduled. My question is this! Should I try and pursue 100% flat P&T, and if so how? The second part of my question is will this change or remain the same?
  3. Thank you for the info and suggestions! I will get the ball rolling and see what happens.
  4. GBArmy what specialist's are you referring to to obtain an IMO?
  5. They did not! My V.A Psychiatrist put me In for a sleep study through IU health! they diagnosed me with severe obstructed sleep apnea! They didn't deny the fact that I have sleep apnea, they denied me based off that I had no diagnosis while on active duty!
  6. Thanks for the response Todd, now comes the hard part I suppose! I wonder if I can get or find a doctor to do this, giving the fact that all my health care is done through the V.A
  7. Hello fellow Veterans, I am looking for some advice and or knowledge on how to proceed with my claim! I am currently at 90% (TDIU P&T) paid at 100% but trying to get to 100% flat. I never had any sleep issues that I was aware of during my military career. In 2012 I was diagnosed with severe obstructed sleep apnea, I have a c-pap issued from the V.A and currently still use it. My claim was denied stating I had not received any treatment for the issue while on active duty! Can this be rated as a secondary service connected disability? Any help would be appreciated!
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