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  1. My exam got posted to the VA and my VSO was able to see the exam results. The main points were Diagnosis of PTSD, occupational and social impairment with reduced reliability and productivity, and everything was more likely than not due to my service.
  2. This is what the Private psychologist stated in his letter for me. (left out stressor portion of the letter) He developed posttraumatic stress disorder as a result of this treatment. He had exposure to experiences which he saw as sexual violence and inappropriate behavior. With the idea of being choked by people who said that they were going to do it till he passed out he was fearful of threatened death and/or serious injury. He has developed recurrent, involuntary and intrusive distressing memories of the traumatic events. He has had recurrent distressing dreams in which the content and some aspects of the events are related to the events. He has developed both sleep problems of insomnia and sleep apnea. He has had flashbacks of the events and times where he has felt as if the events were occurring or about to occur. He has had intense and prolonged psychological distress at exposure to internal and external cues that symbolize or resemble an aspect of the traumatic events. Movies, stories on the news and in media, being around groups of people and even driving in unfamiliar areas where the is a lot of traffic create fear of how to handle a situation should it occur. He experiences marked physiological reactions to internal and external cues that symbolize or resemble and aspect of the traumatic events. He has panic attacks, severe anxiety and depressive reactions and is over-cautious when out in public. He removes himself from situations in which people are speaking about any kind of incidents which are reminiscent of the events. He avoids external reminders that arouse memories, thoughts or feelings about or are closely associated with the traumatic events. He avoids people, places conversations and activities that could be triggers. This involves sporting events, for example. He has developed persistent negative believes about authority and much of the world around him. He believes that it is hard to trust others, believes that there are changes in his body which will never recover and does not think it would be safe to let go of his fears and concerns. He has markedly diminished interest and participation in significant activities. He would rather be at home. He experiences feelings of detachment and estrangement from others due to concern about authority and way people have treated him and the way some people treat each other. He sometimes has gotten irritable and angry with no provocation which is one of the reasons he came to see me as this was occurring at home with no provocation. He has hypervigilance when he is out of his home, and even when he is at home. He has an exaggerated startle response from loud sounds or other intrusive sounds. He sometimes experiences problems with concentration because of his flashbacks, memories of fears. He has developed sleep problems including falling asleep, staying asleep and having bad dreams. The duration of the events has been more than one month. The reaction to the events has caused clinically significant distress in social, occupational and in other relationships. The above reactions all confirm that he has suffered PTSD and that it was from incidents in the military. There are no other experiences in his life which have been traumatic or that could have caused his reactions. DIAGNOSIS-ICD-10 POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER F43.10 SOMATIC SYMPTOM DISORDER WITH PREDOMINANT PAIN, PERSISTENT, MODERATE F45.1 ANXIETY DISORDER DUE TO ANOTHER MEDICAL CONDITION F06.4 DEPRESSIVE DISORDER DUE TO ANOTHER MEDICAL CONDITION F06.3 I believe that his symptoms are permanent and stationary.
  3. I called LHI and asked them if they could send me the results and they told me they do not send the results I have to request it from the VA.
  4. I also had a letter from a private psychologist and a DBQ from him, he has to consider this material evidence to correct?
  5. I did answer honestly but there were some things that I believe I should have expanded on. Some of them are due to symptoms of MST but as everyone knows its just an extremely stressful situation.
  6. have you considered a reconsideration of your claim? I did this with PTSD and I received a c&p exam... just a recommendation
  7. I feel indifferent to my exam. It was conducted by an LHI contracted Psychologist and the form I was given stated it was going to be 120 minutes. The exam lasted about 60 minutes. When I was telling him of my stressors he stopped me and told me to only give him the important ones... (I had quite a few) he said that they need to focus on the main issues. I filled out a PTSD screen and he was just going down the list and midway through he stopped and said everything on this screen is basically how you feel in your day to day life and I yes. His questions were kind of general and I tried to give as much information as I could. When it came to my work I told him that I was constantly arguing with my supervisors and having strained relationships with my co-workers. I told him that I feel like I was right and my supervisors were wrong. Part of me thinks that I did not say enough. I know it the first day but I sent a letter to the VA requesting the exam results so hopefully by the time it gets posted they have my request. But they've been gathering evidence for this claim for 6 months so I do not see my claim being open for over 2 weeks.
  8. So I just had my C&P exam for PTSD, and I was wondering do I have to request the results from the contractor (LHI) or the VA? I am curious on the timeframe because I requested my C-File back in January and it wont be finished until June 2019.
  9. she explained to me that essentially I did not disclose my stressors to her and when she hit no it just auto-populated the rest of the answers. I understand the confusion since I went from a private psych to a VA psych and just started where I last left off from the private psych. With all my fears and reservations the VA has been good to me, and it has been helping my daily life.
  10. Buck, I did do this and in the end, they got me in contact with the MST coordinator. The psychologist gave me a questionnaire which I filled out and that was amended into her previous notes.
  11. I have been assigned a C&P exam for PTSD with LHI. I informed them of my availability and they will schedule me within the next 2 weeks. Getting there, slowly but surely!
  12. my claim went from preparation for decision back to under review and has a completion date of September 2019
  13. I spoke with my psychologist and went back over the things that happened to me while in the marines and it was hard but she referred me to the MST coordinator at the clinic and I see them Monday. She stated in the notes that my emotional trauma does not need to be verified and was genuine. It gives me relief that they seem to be done trying to think I am lying. Thank you all for your information and support.
  14. Never said I was service connected (yet) I had a private doctors diagnosis, and upon receiving that diagnosis I began treatment at the VA to establish an "official diagnosis" . I was just concerned that she was not reporting my issues which would and will affect my active claim for PTSD.
  15. This is where I am at with my claim. I was denied only based on lack of diagnosis, but my diagnosis came from a private doctor and I have been pending decision for about 2 months straight with no C&P exam ordered and this is on my reconsideration of the decision. My PTSD claim was initially filed in October of 2018
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