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  1. Funny you mention pending notification and going backwards in the process. It just happened to me three weeks ago. I didn’t know that was possible.
  2. Update 10/11/18 Just an update, back pay was received yesterday. I called the VA and asked about the previously rated conditions and why they disappeared, the guy on the phone put me on hold, he came back after about five minutes and said, "Man, this is going to sound crazy but my supervisor said that I can't do anything until you receive your envelope. It doesn't make sense because I could just send up a request right now to have it fixed but that what my boss said," really? Anyways, once I get the BBE, I will have to call back to have them correct it. Thank everyone who posted and thanks GeekySquid.
  3. Another update; So they finally gave me a rating in Ebennies. I'm fine with the rating but there is a problem. Prior to this claim I had two ratings for 10%. Total was 20% (19%) I have yet to get the BBE but ebennies shows 1 rating for 50%. My account does not reflect my prior ratings. I should be total overall 60% (50+10+10=59) I called the VA, they stated that they can't tell me anything but they do not see any previous ratings????? O so I just have digital copies of the first BBE that awarded me 20% but the VA doesn't have any knowledge of it? This is so frustrating. I'm humble that I got the rating I wanted but pissed that they just deleted my other two ratings. Should I be ready to file another claim to have the other two added back (I have all the CP exam paper work from those claims and I also have the award letter from the VA and the AB-8 form that shows my VA award during that time) or has this ever happened to someone and it was corrected after they received their VA award. It make me even more made thinking about it in the fact that, I had filed a claim to start my benefits after coming off T10 orders, but they closed that one out during this past May. Thanks for any information.
  4. Hopefully they sort your stuff out soon. This morning it changed on Ebenefits from pending notification to pending decision approval. I give up trying to understand the VA. I am hopeful that congress offers me the position but still no word.
  5. Little bit of an update. As of Today-10/4/18 My claim has moved into preparation for notification. Side note- not sure if it helped but I interviewed for a position with Congress, during my interview, one of the ladies that works the VA claim side for the Congressman made me fill out a release of information forum and sent it into the VA as a Congressional Inquiry. I'm not sure if that sped anything up, but it moved. Anyways, I'm really nervous for the outcome. I'm not sure if I'm going to be appropriately rated or not. Guess I'll have to see. I still have some questions as I'm basing all of this off of the unreliable Ebennies. Can it go back into a different process i.e pending decision approval or etc... if it is showing pending notification in Ebennies? Also, Is it 1 year to file an appeal in the event I receive adverse ratings? What is the timeline for retro-active pay? - I'm not sure how they will calculate it, I got off of T-10 in NOV 2017, last AD check was 12/1/17. Will the benefit be retro to December since that's when I got off of AD or will it go to JAN because I was paid on 12/1 even though the pay was for 11/15-11/27 in 2017? Thanks to anyone who can provide information.
  6. VARO? To be honest, I listed my VSO only because of their name and influence, TVC (Texas), other than that, I don't know what they are capable of that I'm not? You know. I can call the VA, submit FOIA's, seek help from Congress, etc.. What is their mission? What is their resources? What is their authority? Idk. I don't know what a VARO is, could you explain? I'm interested in learning, as I have troops that I educate on my experiences with the VA, both on the Education side and CP side. I get that I'm just a number, but coming off of active duty with no job and having a wife and kids, it's been stressful the entire time. I'm just trying to get what I earned to help support me during these difficult times.
  7. First an foremost, thank you for your time. I know there are a lot of Vets that are in the same boat and are far more worse for wear than me. Below is the time line- NOV-17 - Filed DEC-17-APR-18- Gather Evidence/CP Exam MAY-18- Preparation for Decision MAY-18- Pending decision approval June-18 Preparation for Decision June-18 Gathering Evidence (C&P scheduled for Physician Review) July-18 Gathering Evidence August-18 Preparation for Decision August- Now Pending Decision Approval Some I'm rated at 20% currently and have filed claims for other things that I have been treated for by the VA since 2014 (just never claimed until now). Every time I call the VA, not a single person can repeat the same answer. I could call 10 time tomorrow, and get 10 different responses. Which, is fine with me. If I don't heckle them, who will. My only issues is what would be the reason for kicking it back so many time. I get there may be discrepancies but c'mon. Idk, maybe it will all pan out eventually. The other thing that confused me was, when I asked to reinstate my 20% benefit after coming off of my T-10 orders, Peggy told me to file a claim for Resumption of Compensation. Well, that was started in Jan-18 and Closed in June-18. When I called an asked because nothing came of it, Peggy told me that they just rolled that one over to my Compensation claim I currently had. #**Y@ SERIOUSLY? My VSO is worthless. I have done everything thus far on my own. I just wanted to know if there was someone that had similar issues and how long it took. V/R ArmySgt
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