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  1. I did receive an update. My increased for PTSD (30 to 50) and migraines (30 to 50) both went through, and between those and my other ratings I went from a combined 70 to a combined 80. The claim was kept open because they inferred TDIU and deferred the TDIU claim, and are awaiting my 21-8940. They also sent a second letter, which I received today, which contained a form to give to my previous employer. For some background, I did not make a claim for TDIU because at the time I filed for my increase I had a combined 70% but no conditions at 40% or greater, which is a criteria for T
  2. Hi all, I filed my first claim in 2016, and was awarded 30% for PTSD/Depression, 30% for migraines and 30% for a GI issue I have. Both my migraines and mental health have gotten worse since then, so I filed a claim for an increase for my migraines and PTSD a few months ago. I checked e-benefits today, and my migraines and PTSD have both been bumped up to 50%. I'm very happy about this, because they've really hurt my ability to provide for myself and my wife. But what I'm confused about is that my claim went from "preparation for notification" yesterday (9/5/2018) to "review of eviden
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