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  1. I know my psychologist wants me to burn energy as having it causes more problems with PTSD. Same thing with the headphones, I know there is a lot of stuff I can listen to, like ambient nature sounds, that would be a huge help. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for the reply. I really dont know what I need and a lot what the 'field counselor' and I discussed over the phone is missing from the plan. I was wanting a physical therapy table so my spouse could help me at home, when I cant get to physical therapy (stretching, soft tissue massage, tensunit, etc). I let them know I can't do chores around the house, I cant cook, and I didnt want a couch cane as I am not comfortable on the couch. Instead of looking for alternatives it just seems like they put a line through everything. I saw some people say they got a massage chair which se
  3. Hello, I have been working with an independent living counselor through the VA. A lot of what they are offering seems very basic and I am not impressed. My counselor has only had one brief phone conversation with me, and even though she was kind, I have only gotten two emails since. It is pretty obvious I am just a number. My issue is that it is really hard to find information on this program and the only other place where people listed what they got is old and outdated. I dont want anything crazy like a greenhouse, a knife making set of machines, or a boat. I dont think they are foc
  4. Hello, My spouse applied for the Care Giver Program two weeks ago. She got a letter today saying it was denied as I do not actively use VA Healthcare. Is there any work around to this? I dont mind doing the once per year check in, but I refuse to use the VA for medical treatment as I am here in Arizona. Phoenix is worse than most prisoner health care programs.
  5. Can I donate using PayPal? Also, can you give me the donate link?
  6. I apologize. What I mean is, will they send me this letter (like I am attaching) if I was moved into the VA Independent Living Program? I wasnt denied anything but the employment tracks, I am still in the vocational program. Note: The attached image is from another hadit user from a 2018 post.
  7. Wow, that is not acceptable. I am sorry to hear that.
  8. Do they still need to write that letter if you are moved into Independent Living?
  9. Any updates on what the VA provided you? I just had my virtual contractor evaluation, he is working on helping with shower/restroom grab bars, a bidet, and an appropriate office chair. He did offer some gel mats but I declined them as I have fallen enough times that I just prefer to have nothing on the floor. He asked about the bed and in an encouraging tone said "let me work on this", I didnt ask for anything he just wanted me to describe my sleeping arrangement. A split king mattress would be really nice. I havent had any conversations around 'goals' or goal projects, but I dont re
  10. I have been communicating with the Vocational Specialist that Bronco Vet recommended as my brother offered to pay the bill. I applied for Arizona's State VR two months ago (they helped work with my school in 2012 for extending college homework due dates). They denied me last week stating I was not medically cleared for employment. I did apply for the Veteran VRE program a month ago, my appointments were scheduled really fast. The first VA counselor said I needed Social Security flat out. He mentioned that I was not able to use any of his programs but he was sending me to Independent Livin
  11. Thank you very much, I think we are going to move forward with the Care Giver program. Ill also apply for AA.
  12. Do you use the program? I havent been able to find any one actually sharing what the program is like. I dont really trust the VA, esp the Arizona hospitals, and I stay away from them. Now I use doctors under my spouses insurance for surgeries and care and just accept the costs. If the home visits are actually based around care and not trying to find a way to pull me out of the program unjustly, then I may consider it - but I dont know how I will overcome the physical presence of people in my only safe space.
  13. I saw a few posts where VA social workers come to the home every 3 months, is that wrong? Or is it less often at least? Thats what I mean by strangers.
  14. Hello all, I did several searches, I am sorry if this is a duplicate question or posted in the wrong spot. Long story short, I went to the VA Vocational Rehab and was told that I was too disabled to work. I thought that was the end of it, but he referred me to Independent Living. My spouse spends a bunch of time taking care of me and we just accepted it is what it is. But they are encouraging us to apply for the Care Giver Program and everything. The issue is what I found on these forums, there is no way I can have someone come to my house. I have severe PTSD and OCD (Intrusive/Violent Th
  15. Thank you broncovet, I sent you a Private Message. I would like to talk to Clifford Parker for the same service.
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