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  1. The link above is outdated on some information. From the linked site: FAQ: Rapid Appeals Modernization Program (RAMP) Can anyone opt-into RAMP? Not at this time. The VA is only inviting certain veterans to join this program. According to the VA, they are going to keep inviting more veterans monthly. I am providing the updated info and the link directly to the VA re the information. https://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/48141/vas-rapid-appeals-modernization-program-ramp-now-open-appeals/ The RAMP program was opened up to vets without needing an invite in April 2018. Quote from above VA link: "Previously, a Veteran with a pending appeal could only opt in to RAMP after receiving an invitation from VA. As of April 2, Veterans no longer need an invitation to participate in RAMP. Now, all Veterans with a pending disability compensation appeal can choose to participate in the new decision review process." **As always fellow vets, please do your our research and do not blindly take advice, whether it is something I post or someone else posts.
  2. I've gained a lot of valuable information from this and other veteran related sites over the years. I am going to back Bronco on this one. Ramp is new, VA employees are learning the system, vets, reps, lawyers, legal reps etc are learning the system. Much of the system isn't really in place yet and as I see it, it's an experiment like other processes the VA has implemented. I remember working for a government agency when they were upgrading technology and implementing new systems, it took time to work out the kinks. And being on the tech end of it I had to deal with the kinks and employees. I can sit here and brag about my multiple degrees and work history in the field but all that amounts to is what this thread has become which is sad. A vet opined on his situation and others gave their opinions but as often happens when certain members get involved they pull out the "I'm smarter then you card and will tell you why." It isn't the first time that incorrect information has been posted due to inflated egos. And upon going back to look, the incorrect information hasn't been corrected even after people admitted they were incorrect. Meaning that other vets will come along and read the incorrect information. I rarely opine but frankly this thread sickens me. Maybe it's because of this thread and several other threads that have followed the same path that I rarely visit this site any more. I remember Carlie that's how long I've lurked here. Berta with all her wisdom and knowledge is a giving person with a great heart that gives so much. Yet she never brags about her vast knowledge and tells people they are wrong and she is right. And she so lovingly gives of her time. I know dozens of vets that are happy with the RAMP program. Most have won and saved what they believe to be years waiting on a claim decision compared to the legacy system. Even some that didn't win feel that the saved time was worth it. Obviously others aren't going to be happy with it. But all members and visitors deserve the right to be treated respectfully and not have the thread turn into a pissing and who's ***** is bigger contest. Indeed sad....
  3. Hairy eyeball: https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/hairy-eyeball.html What's the meaning of the phrase 'The hairy eyeball'? A glance made with partially lowered eyelashes. This usually indicates suspicion or hostility but may signal other emotions too https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/give_someone_the_hairy_eyeball Stare at someone in a disapproving or angry way, especially with one's eyelids partially lowered. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Hairy Eyeball When someone looks you up and down in a judgemental way. The hairy eyeball is the death stare. Its the look somone gets when theyre hearing a bunch of bull, or they are glaring at their worst enemy, parent, great aunt-gladdie, teacher, employer, stalker, neighborhood arsonist-pedaphile-rapist, nosey neighbor, siblings, that 13 year old and her friends following you around the mall because your so attractive. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hairy_eyeball hairy eyeball (plural hairy eyeballs) (slang) A look askance at someone; a look of disdain or skepticism. He was giving me the hairy eyeball. (slang) A fond look at someone while batting one's eyelashes. He was telling me about a girl looking at him and he said, "She gave me the hairy eyeball." That meant she liked him. (Second variation as first used and decribed on television, in the TV show "Hazel" 4/6/1962).
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