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  1. lightfighter214

    C and p exam for knees

    I guess my question was more directed to what is the doctor going to do; as far as measurements, how are thr y supposed to do them. What is the actual physical exam going to entail.
  2. I was originally granted service connection for my knees almost ten years ago for knee pain. I'm about two weeks I have another exam after requesting an increase. Does anyone know a good resource to look through for what to expect during the c and p exam?
  3. lightfighter214

    Results for hearing loss

    Thanks for both the answer. Sorry, been absurdly busy. Met with the VSO today, he submitted a request for all the files and Ill meet him and go over it. Probaly going to appeal it, and then ask for another exam on my knees, depending what the files say.
  4. I recently applied for an increase in claims, one of the items I got back from the VA was a denial of hearing loss. Have a meeting with the vso next week to start the appeal process. I called the VA for my C-File. Any advice on this? page 1 and 2
  5. Okay, I already have the machine. just need to make sure I readjust the claim? any other suggestions?
  6. Okay, I think Im following. I just need to go to the C&P exam let them know the new symptoms I am experiencing, and go from there? Thanks for your help by the way.
  7. If I was already given service connected, do I still need to prove that? What do you mean by aggravation?
  8. I have a VA diagnosis for both sleep apnea and insomnia, was rated for it when I got out. Just at a 0%, so its already service connected. Is the doc the one that provides the link?
  9. Back in 2010 I was rated 0% with Adjustment disorder with anxiety, along with some other physical things. I have another Mental C and P exam on Monday. Since then, I have been diagnosed with Insomnia and Sleep Apnea. Both of which lead to the daily gammit of tiredness, depression, etc. I see a Va thearpist weekly. Just want to make sure my claim is compensated correctly. Any advice from people that have been in this boat?

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