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  1. Tinutus 10% Ptsd 50% Chronic scolios 10% Right knee 10% Patella 10% Left knee instabilty 20% Right wrist 10% As of last month I went from 50% to 80% now this is not including the chronic scolios which increased to 10% and another 10% increase on the left knee which showed up the day it closed. We did not expect anything on the back cause it was declined last month. Basically they gave us the 80% increase kept the case open for the c&p exam. I did that on the 2nd of this month. If im correct im.still stuck at 80% from what the chart says. I aslo have other
  2. Vetquest thanks for responding to my question. I was med board out and got 50% but had other claims that they pit 0% but now those 3 are rated 10% each. Since it was a med board and not an actual claim will I still get that retro pay from 2012. Thanks
  3. Hi All So My disablity claim went from 50% to 80% ✔ received back pay from May this year ✔ My claim is not closed it went back to gathering of evidence reveived a phone call from an outside c&p provider to have an MRI done and see another doctor who speicifys in allopathic. Now my question is I have 3 other claims they finally rated me on from back when I got out in 2012 do I receive back pay for that since I got my ratings for those now?
  4. Hi Broncovet got that part. But is there a reason why it went back to review of evidence I have other claims non deferred?
  5. Hi Any update I myself am experiencing the same thing except I have other claims not deferred so im confused.
  6. Hi, Im new to this site so I put in for a claim my rating was 50% it showed yesterday 80%, notification letter sent but now its back in review of evidence but still showing 80%, notification letter is not there no more. My AB8 on ebenfits is still show 80%. Any clue?
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