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  1. Ok, so here goes...I put in a claim for hallux rigidus for both great toes, for which I had surgery at my Va hospital. But for some reason it came back denied for bilateral flat feet. I had to have a waiver when I joined due to flat feet. Then I appealed that claim because I wasn't asking for compensation for flat feet, I am asking for compensation because I was allowed to join with flat feet, which my service aggravated and caused my two great toes to be operated on. I could not bend either toe and they were extremely painful. The podiatrist actually wanted to replace both joints. I opted to have the arthritis and spurs cleaned up while trying to avoid joint replacement surgery at 38 years old. The Va is saying bilateral flat feet was reopened. I am now thinking I should have opened a new claim. My claim shows complete as of 1/25/19. My package should be here in a couple of weeks. But ebenefits says I can look at my percentage but nothing has changed. I know, I know ebenefits is a hit or miss most of the time. But I am just writing to ask if anyone else has information, advice or comments!
  2. paulstrgn, I am in Virginia too. I only have the one NOD which started May 2015, but as usual it is frustrating for it to just sit in preparation for decision, with nothing needed from me or anyone else, since 7/7. So I definitely feel for all the vets holding on for years!!!
  3. Yup, I've been stuck on preparation for decision since 7/7, opted in March 22. The system shows an orange exclamation point beside the dates and says past due.....
  4. I opted into Ramp 3/22/18. I've been at preparation for decision since 7/7/18, and they aren't waiting on anything from me or anyone else. There is an orange exclamation point beside the dates of 8/1-8/31/18, so even the computer system knows that it's past due. Unfortunately my VSO took another position in September so I've emailed his boss and no response so far after 4 days. I will keep ya'll posted!
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