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  1. Well 25 days later after the supplemental claim was submitted. It was closed today. No new changes just showing the claim was closed. I had set appointments up but they are two more weeks out. I could not submitted any additional information until i had went to those appointments. I am waiting for the letter to come and i think it will say. "the evidence submitted is not new and relevant". What would be my course of action now?
  2. My VSO filed several supplemental claims prior to me having additional evidence. I think they just screwed me.
  3. If i went on sick call one time for an injury would that be enough to be service connected for it..........ie Shoulder, Back and allergies once each. The reason i ask is that when i filed a claim for each i only had one visit on active duty but i did not have any medical documentation. I have since found documentation showing one visit for each. When i got a VSO he listed them as hazard in the gulf war. They were denied. They all occurred prior to the gulf war I want to resubmit them as just injuries during active service. Do you think they may/ could be service connected?
  4. It was referred to the supplemental lane said i needed to get more documentation and yes it was closed on Va,gov. Va.gov is still showing a compensation issue that is being reviewed but peggy said they dont know why it is showing that.
  5. Ok this is what happened. One claim was denied for insomnia related to gulf war. 5 other were referred to the supplemental claim area because they were initiated before February 2019. Didn't understand that ruling.
  6. Ok I talked to my VSO said all 1 claim was denied the other 5 were referred to the supplemental lane. It says the HLR is closed but it is still showing Currently on review: Compensation issues I wish i knew what that meant, could that mean they are reviewing something else for action. I am currently at 50 pct. Anyone ever seen this before?
  7. I checked back today below is what is said. Issues Currently on review Compensation issue
  8. My Higher-Level Review was closed yesterday. The only information it stated on VA.Gov was Your Higher-Level Review was closed. Please contact VA or your Veterans Service Organization or representative for more information. Nothing is stated on ebenefits showing an increase or anything. Does this indicate that it was denied?
  9. When a Higher Level Review is submitted does it show up on ebenefit or va.gov?
  10. How many people have had a positive outcome using Higher-Level Review Lane? or even a negative out come
  11. Can Hallux Valgus be claimed secondary to Pes Planus?
  12. i use the calculator on this website https://www.microhealthllc.com/veterans-central/bilateral-va-disability-rating-compensation-calculator/
  13. If i calculate the ratings straight without using the bilateral rating it would add up to 43 pct.
  14. I understand the VA math, but the bilateral factor was not used which would have put it at 50 pct.
  15. Below is what the C&P examiner wrote. The veteran had a diagnosis of pes planus on enlistment. Flatfoot (pes planus) is a condition in which the longitudinal arch in the foot, which runs lengthwise along the sole of the foot, has not developed normally and is lowered or flattened out. With the excessive standing, walking, jumping and running can lead to pain in the plantar surface of the feet. The claimed condition, which clearly and unmistakably existed prior to service, was aggravated beyond its natural progression by an in-service event, injury or illness. This is from the Xray report. There is bilateral pes planus. There is mild hallux valgus on the left. Some mild degenerative change involves the left first MTP joint.
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