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Status Updates posted by Troxell

  1. I have still not heard anything!!! I thought I would hear something for sure when my claim for agent/attorney fees closed. no letter. nothing. I would like to know what the decision was.


    1. 8up4life


      Did you get paid yet?

  2. Today my claim for agent attorney fees closed on E-bennies. I have still heard nothing about implementation of my service connected grant received may 24 2018.  Also on vets.gov it changed from saying it could take 7-17 mths to complete remand and now says 16-29 mths. I have heard than some people had to wait for the remand to be completed before they issued the grant. I hope this isnt true!! I think the VA guidelines say that they should implement grant and then work on remand. I am so tired and i just would like to know whats going on. I am starting to think that my grant means nothing


  3. may 24th 2018 grant, jan 22 2019 still zero implementation


  4. May 24th 2018 grant, jan 8 2019 still nothing!!!!!

  5. May 24th 2018 grant. it is dec 28 2018 still no response. Ebenefits says my attorney fee claim is estimated to be done by jan 20 2019. i thought for sure i would hear something before they did.

    1. Troxell


      So frustrating!!!! I have been going crazy for 7 mths wondering when i might hear something. they should not leave you hanging soooo long after a bva grant of service connection. i have looked at every website and check ebenefits 3-4 times a day. I need a hobby bad because this is wearing my head out. I feel like my life is on hold waiting for effective date and rating. I really need this. I hope to hear something soon i will keep everyone posted on my case so that it might save someone else from the WORRY. 7mths and 4 days still waiting


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