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  1. I was turned down by the VA for a PTSD claim. Can anyone please recommend an Attorney to help me appeal the decision? Thanks:-)
  2. AtlMarine

    Newbie question...

    Buck and others, Thanks for the replies and input. The paragraph I quoted came from the therapist I was referred to by the VA. But it is not at the Atlanta VA hosp. It is an offsite office where Vets go for treatment, I guess. I want to get all of the help I can for the symptoms I have. However, I just thought it was odd because I just put in for a PTSD claim last month. Who should I go to for help on my claim?? An attorney? I appreciate any guidance you can offer.
  3. I have put in for PTSD claim at the Atlanta VA. They sent me to an offsite Veteran's Health Administration (VHA) for a 2 month therapy session. HOWEVER, On the first and second visits, they gave me a form that states and they explicitly told me the following: "Veteran's Health Admin.(VHA) services, including those offered by this program, are for the purposes of healthcare/treatment and are not provided for the purposes of establishing or increasing disability payments, which you may address more appropriately with the Veterans Benefits Admin. (VBA). In fact, the overall aim of this treatment program CONFLICTS with goals related to establishing oneself as disabled. As such, participation in this program could harm any goals related to obtaining or increasing disability pay. Similarly, please consider that you might not be able to engage productively in a recovery oriented treatment for a condition you are simultaneously trying to obtain disability payment for, as this frequently increases treatment sabotaging behaviors like using session time to list symptoms rather than working to eliminate them, not completing homework assignments, and overall pre-occupation with maintaining diagnoses that could influence disability ratings rather than working to eliminate those diagnoses." My question: Will this keep me from getting disability? I appreciate any help the VA can give me, but I can't hold a job because of my ptsd and need benefits. I don't want this to hurt my chances of getting rated for ptsd. Should I keep going to these VHA sessions? Also, where should I go to get guidance for my PTSD claim??? I'm clueless. Thanks in advance.

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