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  1. I was working in the TWE program. While I was in the program I was accepted to voc rehab the vr councelor said that I could not be in both programs so I withdrew from TWE upon my first appointment to vr the councelor told me that all they do is try to help with an entry level job.I stated that I was interested in schooling she told me that since I was 100% P&T for ptsd that I can't work or the VA would reduce my rating and that the vr was an employment program only and that they can not approve school or independent living, that I should have stayed in the TWE program but they as well are an employment program but that i needed an IEEP to justify my inability to adapt to working the 3 weeks that I spent on the TWE program was really making my irritability and depression worse all they had me doing was cleaning toilets and patient rooms. I have been a GM for a General Motors dealership and a VP for 2 different security companies yet I don't have a degree of any kind and upon relocating to a different state all of the local job market wants people with college background ie: bachelors to do what I was doing before I was awarded 100% seeing how both of these VA programs only help with entry level jobs I can't justify working for a minimum wage job and losing both my ssdi and VA I have never heard of the independent living program until the vr councelor mentioned it. I didn't inquire about it because she said that they didn't participate....anybody have advice please help
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