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  1. So decision letter came in today and things are looking pretty damn good from my point of view. Gonna abridge non relevant parts to save time From my decision letter; “We have assigned a 50 percent evaluation for your bilateral pes planus based on: Marked pronation (L/R) Symptoms NOT improved by orthopedic shoe or appliance (L/R) Additional symptom(s) include: Characteristic callosities (L/R) Indication of swelling on use (L/R) Objective evidence of marked deformity (L/R) Pain on manipulation of feet (L/R) Pain on manipulation of feet, accen
  2. Was contacted by the VA today to make an appointment for some ultrasounds as well on my lower extremities. Guess this is going to be a full work-up on my legs due to my current CAD rating of 60%.
  3. So just got a provider message from my cardiologist that he wants to get some ankle brachial pressure index readings done on me for the next 3-4 weeks. Anyone know what this entails? Am I going to be wearing a monitor or something at work? Also, I am already rated at 60% with CAD secondary to DMII. Does atherosclerotic vascular disease affecting the lower extremities have its own rating schedule despite already being rated for CAD at 60%?
  4. So I am getting juggled a bit between VSO since my awesome last one retired so would appreciate the proper route to take. I was just rated at at 50% Pes Planus with Plantar Fasciitis under 5276. This was a supplemental claim for only pes planus that was filed on 02/01/21 with a decision made on 03/12/21. After speaking with a VSO, who read me the decision letter and raters notes, he said there is no doubt the 50% for pronounced pes planus was justified, but was not sure why they arbitrarily added plantar fasciitis to the decision. I mentioned to the VSO that effective 02/04/21, a diagn
  5. So I had forgotten about something I had read while researching Pes Planus and Plantar Fasciitis. In February, 2021, the VA specifically created a new rating code for Plantar Fasciitis, 5269 which when bilateral and you get no relief from both non-surgical and surgical treatment is 30%. I am thinking that since my supplemental claim for pes planus went in on 02/01 with a decision made on 03/12, they used the old rating system and lumped it all under the 5276 rating at 50%. Under the new rating, I should be get a 50% rating under 5276 and more than likely a 30% rating under 5269. This
  6. Thanks all. I am going to see how they end up coding it when the BBE comes in and I will drop the info here just for search engine's sake.
  7. So I am currently at 20% DMII with 60% CAD secondary to the DMII. I have recently been working on my pes planus claim and associated pain with plantar fasciitis. This includes a ton of general pain in my legs from calf muscles into knees and thighs. I have always attributed this pain to my pes planus altering my gait. However with all the x-rays I have had for my pes planus claim and other items, something has been popping out to me. On my latest knee x-rays this is included; "There are atherosclerotic vascular calcifications." On the x-rays of my hips there are these two notes
  8. Hello all, So got home from being away for five days and discover that a decision was made on my supplemental claim for pes planus. I am waiting on the BBE, but currently E-Benefits currently has the following; bilateral pes planus with plantar fasciitis 50% My supplemental claim was for bilateral pes planus, which after my QTC exam I was certain I would be rated at the pronounced bilateral rating of 50% due to my conversation with the examiner and her comments as she examined my feet. I currently have an intent to file which was going to cover issues secondary to my bila
  9. Ham, Is there a bilateral rating in the case of two compensable disabilities that are labeled such as the "pronounced bilateral flat feet"? For example, pronounced bilateral flat feet is at 50% and 30% for both feet affected by plantar fasciitis. Would a combined rating get the bilateral factor applied?
  10. Hamslice, I think you are getting hamstrung (pun completely intended) by the wording of the rating criteria, which is why you are not getting a bilateral factor; 10% – Veterans can receive the 10 percent rating for plantar fasciitis affecting one or both feet that is responsive to treatment. Verbiage in that details a flat 10% if one or both feet are affected. At second highest rating; 30% – Veterans can receive the 30 percent rating for plantar fasciitis affecting both feet and is not responsive to treatment. I think you would then be getting a bilateral factor included.
  11. Getting mixed messages on this now. Hahahaha, which is just how the VA likes it! Broken, where is that calculator located. Very nice one rather than the one that I use.
  12. So if I understand you correctly, pronounced bilateral pes planus is 50%. This would mean the left foot is 50% and the right foot is 50%. Bilateral factor of 10% makes this 55% with a push to 60%?
  13. Can someone explain to me the bilateral factor, specifically when it comes to such issues as pes planus and plantar fasciitis? If you have pronounced bilateral pes planus, they give you 50%. Does a bilateral factor apply or is it already included into the 50% award? The same question with the new rating criteria for plantar fasciitis; when it affects both feet and not responsive to treatment, they give you 30%. So if I understand it correctly, you can have bilateral pes planus and get just a straight 50%, no bilateral factor added. The same if you have bilateral plantar fasciitis.
  14. Just an update; Had a C&P exam with QTC on Tuesday (02/16). Was pretty surprised that I got called up for one so quickly after my VSO submitted the supplemental claim. The exam was with a FPN and she was very nice and pleasant to deal with. She dived into my records pretty hard and was able to pull up something that I didn't even remember from 1995 where I was seen for foot pain and issued inserts for my boots. She then linked it to final physical exam where pes planus was noted as well as continued complaints of foot pain, especially during cold weather in 1998 and then agai
  15. I remember other QTC exams being uploaded to Blue Button, but cannot remember where they are located in the reports. Does anyone have any info on where they are located within the medical record available on Blue Button?
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