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  1. So far they have granted one item for Gulf War Syndrome, which was IBS. This was rated at 30%. They also have awarded bilateral knee pain at 10% each. I was diagnosed with Asthma and that item has been deferred, along with Genitourinary condition. I went in for a second C&P yesterday for both conditions that were deferred. The original C&P exam had both under Medical Opinion as “At least as likely”. Both were under Gulf War as “is less than likely”. we will see what is written up this time. Thanks to everyone for your replies.
  2. I have been following the group for a while. My claim is currently sitting in “Pending Decision Approval”. My question is in regards to my C&P exam. In the notes section of the C&P under GW, the doctor states, “...is less likely than not”. However, directly below that under medical opinion, he states “...is at least as likely as not occurred in service”. Why would he have this distinction? All of my claims were for Gulf War syndrome. The C&P looks favorable for service connection, but not Gulf war. Am I missing something? Are there any thoughts on why he separated these items?
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