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  1. On my last DBQ, he checked the %70 box but ended up with %100. So there’s hope after all, mainly the rater should( loose terms) go over all supported evidence and medical records. looks like %70 to me but, I’ve seen vets get low balled also.
  2. Shoot, that would be a record and if it does get decided in 30 days, I’m not sure if that’s good news. Maybe I’m wrong and it works out in your favor. Keep us posted.
  3. No telling when the decision will be rendered. It took 10 months from grant to decision for my BVA Grant/ Remand. More than likely your appeal is still at the AMC, since there is a remand. Hopefully it will be sooner than later, til then there’s not much you can do.
  4. It could be 3 months or up to a year. There really isn’t any right answer to this. I really hope you get a positive outcome on your appeal.
  5. Gezzz..I hope not for your sake. Be great if that funding fee gets refunded during your re- financing.
  6. Yeah, the IU remand was retro back dated to 2013 til 2018, according to my award letter. Went %100 scheduler P&T after that.
  7. I read that OIG report and what your lender is going to do, is recommend for the refund funding fee. ”A plan to consistently obtain documentation and verify lenders apply funding fee refunds to veterans’ loan balances in a timely manner.” You could ask the lender not to apply your fee to your balance and rather take a refund instead.
  8. Granted on Sept 2018, implemented award June6th 2019.
  9. No problem..don’t be surprised your appeal is at the AMC still. I thought mine was at the RO the whole time but, nonetheless it was at the AMC. My remand was for IU but, it became moot when my grant put me at %100. P&T. Good luck and congrats on the IU also.
  10. It’s a procedural guidance to implement board decisions in a timely manner, in a nut shell. My appeal grant was the AMC because I had a remand, in other words the it took 10 months to implement my award with the remand. I submitted a FAST letter but it was ignored, as usual.
  11. 4 months is impressive..took 10 for me for my %100. 8 yrs of retro but, a boo boo for me, Fiduciary game has been suggested. ah well is all good and good for you.
  12. Probably he got an ELS discharge? Honorable for basic training is like unheard of but, it was the 70s so who knows.
  13. Are you still unemployed? I know it’s a dumb question to ask, my BVA grant from September 2018 was just implemented last month for the grant( PTSD) and IU. Have they implemented the increase?
  14. It took 10 months for my BVA grant, got my first check of the new amount yesterday. Mine was for PTSD grant and IU remand. So your looking ( hopefully not) awhile.
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