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  1. today my claim was closed and they said they sent the decision letter. I checked ebenefits for the decision and it said not service connected. Is it too early for a decision since it was the same day, so that decision may be wrong? do i have to wait until I receive the letter for a decision or does benefits show the decision early?
  2. And how long does it take to receive the letter?
  3. I checked the va site today and it said my claim for pension was closed as of today. Does this mean that it was denied or is there a chance itll be approved? because i havent received the letter yet
  4. I used a letter from my mom that said the event was service related. I dont know if they read it or not. Ill be going to a doctor soon for his inservice input
  5. I did not serve in combat and my ptsd isnt related to a war. Its related to something that happened in training. Im currently not rated fot anything. I just need to know will not having my records affect my chances of getting approved and is there anything else i can give them to make up for my records, because i dont know how to obtain my records.
  6. Ive done nothing to obtain them. Its just that i didnt have inservice treatment or anything related to my disability inservice so theres nothing on there about them. Will they still matter?
  7. Will the va deny my claim because i have no service treatment records? I wasnt treated inservice for my schizophrenia and ptsd. The treatment didnt come until after service and i already sent them those records.
  8. I would do that but theyre saying my evidence is a duplicate of my old case. When thats impossible because i didnt even submit evidence before. And there being a 2018 hospitalization included in my evidence really makes it impossible since the old claim was 2016. I dont know what the va is doing.
  9. I got denied in 2016 for ptsd due to lack of evidence. I submitted a new case in 2018 with a bit of evidence and a lay letter. I got a letter in the mail saying that 2016 case was closed and missed the appeal date so i called and they said i would have to submit a brand new claim. The new one was for ptsd and schizophrenia, not just ptsd. Well i just called and they said my new case wasnt opened due to it being the same as the old 2016 one, even though its not and it has new evidence wheras i didnt have evidence before. Has anyone encountered a problem like this before and what do i do. Did you eventually get them to open your new case and how did you go about getting there?
  10. >I recently submitted a claim through the va for ptsd and schizophrenia. I had applied for ptsd in 2016 but got denied because i had no evidence to submit. This time i had a good bit of evidence. I think my strongest piece would be a lay letter my mother wrote that details my schizophrenia and ptsd and gives a service connection. These disabities have rendered me unemployable and the letter states that. Since it says im unemployable and my personal relationships are affected, is that enough to get a 100%? Also how strong are lay letters in the evidence portion of the claim?
  11. Is the tdiu check separate from the normal va check? Like my monthly total would be tdiu plus the other va check
  12. hello all, this is my first post, but i read these forums. I was wondering if the Va goes back to date in which your disability began, or date entitlement arose, for deciding the retro pay amount? i Know they usually go back to the date of the receipt of the claim, as I've read, but I've also read that they could go back to the date entitlement arose. I'm not applying within 1 year of my discharge and the date of receipt of the claim is later, but I' still wondering if there's a possibility that they would choose the date entitlement arose as the effective date, and what conditions would make this possible. I have also been unemployable since 2012 and was wondering if they might choose that date or if there were any cases in which they chose the date in which you were certifiably unemployable. Another question I have is do they go back to the latest adjustment of COST OF LIVING(COLA) for the date of your retro? I've read that somewhere that they might.
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