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  1. Nice thank you. I didn't even know there were a few different type of 100% disabilities. I read on my E-benefits under letter generator tab to commissary section states, "You are no longer required exams in the future." Going through the VA disability process is an emotional experience, especially when you really aren't even sure what the hell all the decisions mean. I want to thank the hadit.com website for all the information I was able to obtain from other's postings!
  2. So I found this website it states the following, "Once a 100% rating is given the status of Permanent & Total, it cannot be changed in the future. The VA does not require regular re-examinations of Permanent & Total Ratings, and the veteran can expect to receive full benefits of a Total Rating for the remainder of his life." http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/permanentandtotalunemployability.html This one too https://disabilitydenials.com/blog/va-100-percent-disability-ratings/ Let me know if this sounds correct.
  3. Nice, that is good. I don't know if this is true but does that mean there is no future exams?
  4. thank you for explaining the difference vet quest, please see attachment from my Ebenefits summary, I cropped it. Let me know what this may mean.
  5. Upate, So I got a letter from DAV notifying me that they made a decision on my RAMP appeal but didn't detail anything on the letter like ratings, etc. I figured they denied and I would push on, but I checked E-benefits today and it came out to be 100 percent for GAD. I'm excited but not sure how this affects working, I do have problems at work and accommodations but the letter on Benefits seems total and permanent. So I guess my question is when can I work under what circumstances (100 percent that is not total and permanent, or combined rating can work still or)? Anybody with a good referenced page to chime in would be nice, thanks.
  6. Update, Last Wednesday my RAMP appeal moved into the Prep for notification phase, so almost a week ago. This movement seemingly happened following direct contact with congresswomen Debbie Lesko (shoutout to the congress) and described my issues with a privacy act signature. I don't know how long the preparation for notification phase last in an appeal but hopefully not too much longer.
  7. Update, This last Friday VA.gov and Ebenefits changed my disability claim from PTSD to Generalized Anxiety Disorder (Claimed as PTSD, and depression). I am not sure what this means as I have only seen this once a claim was completed. Will keep posting updates as they come through.
  8. Geeky, its cool no worries. Buck52, I chose the Supplemental lane and provided relevant evidence as such please look at ETS diagnosis prior to getting out of service. I am just surprised that VA states that it was not service connected when numerous documents show that I was diagnosed with anxiety in service. ETSinservicedocument.pdf
  9. ram-esq, Thanks for the advice, I do believe that RAMP being a pilot program was risky and therefore seemingly getting a decision prior to the new appeals process is what was anticipated. I am disappointed in the VA and how they continue to give us false hope in believing that they are truly here to assist, when this whole process is not only new but beginning to get quite frustrating. I was already a little over a year into my DRO appeal prior to opting into RAMP and would seem as though I lost my place, having to start over into the new appeals process. I really hope not but I am not getting any responses to individuals that are still in RAMP from my DAV office, speaking with PEGGY they don't have much if any at all from what representative is saying, nor on this site. I may just have to reach out to DAV on Monday and start asking for them to do more than just a status update.
  10. GeekySquid, I would have been notified if I received a SOC or SSOC correct? This is my first appeal and am not to familiar with the process. If they usually notify of SOC/SSOC, well they haven't done anything yet.
  11. vetquest, This is the same question that I had asked my DAV rep. I was never sent to a Pysch for PTSD on any C and P exams, it was strictly anxiety. My IMO was for anxiety and my C & P exam was for anxiety. I was confused as well how they could send me to another C & P exam. My DAV rep states that they never really got an opinion (due to first psych. doc stating mere speculation) so they could send me to another one. I then question that fact that how could they deny such a claim?? Both my IMO and most recent C & P exam matched the verbiage "at least likely as not."
  12. Shrek, I think if in the next few weeks nothing changes then I may just have to start "poking the bear." I wish McCain was still alive I know that he would have assisted me in the process but now I am not even sure who is the senator here in AZ and how much he supports veterans. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Hello everybody, I wanted to post this under the RAMP program but seems to be disabled or discontinued area to post. Anways short background is I a filed claim for anxiety and PTSD in Sept. 2016 was denied, appealed to DRO Aug. 2017, accepted to be put into the RAMP program Aug. 2018 in Supplemental claim with the initial completion date to be June 8th 2019. Called PEGGY yesterday to find out if they have had any movement and was told by individual that he really doesn't see anybody in RAMP anymore. Asked if he could dig a little deeper and he stated he would send an inquiry to the RO dealing with my claim (assuming its still in Phoenix AZ). So I checked VA.gov today and now my estimated completion date was pushed out from a completion date of tomorrow to July 10th, 2020. I thought that RAMP was a pilot program that basically the VA was attempting to complete most claims submitted for the results and find out if this new appeals process would work? Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like I should have just stayed in the DRO and not taken the risk if they are going to take the same time to complete if I didn't opt into RAMP. I was initially denied for mental health disabilities due to my psychologist doing the C and P exam (in 2016) stating "I cannot answer whether the disabilities started in service without mere speculation." Then the VA asked her to give an answer along the lines of most likely or not, direct, less likely, etc. She wouldn't answer and I was denied benefits. I had an IMO which gave me a an "at least likely as not" for service connection and filed an appeal. Then during this RAMP in March 2019 VA sent me to another C and P exam offsite and was given the same "at least likely as not" for anxiety service connection. I was diagnosed with anxiety, insomnia, shortness of breath/panic attacks during service which seemed kind of straight forward when applying for anxiety but I guess not. I guess I am asking is there anybody else out there that has a RAMP with a completion date of July 2020 or later? Does the claim seem relevant, meaning diagnosed with anxiety in service and given diagnosis of anxiety from VA mental health/private provider within few months of recent C and P? Is RAMP a long term appeals process or should I be hounding my back burner DAV rep. who seems to be busy all the time? Also I have been in a preparation for decision phase since the last C and P exam which was March 2019, for all my other claims once it hit this stage it went a lot faster. Any advice would be great, thanx!
  14. With some of these RAMPS getting denied are any of you getting a C and P exam? Or is the VA still utilizing the old C and P's that are dated over a year ago? I know that in this current DRO appeal I have since Aug. 2016 and now currently in RAMP I have submitted a Medical Opinion which the psychiatrist believes "Is at least likely (50%)" service connected. I agree with some of you as well that even if the RAMP get's denied I am willing to go as long as possible with the VA through all hoops to find a competent individual (referring to both C/P doc's and VA). I am also in Phoenix AZ. Originally my DRO was in Phoenix AZ, then was told by PEGGY that Phoenix AZ is one of the RAMP startups area so RO sent my DRO to St. Louis where it collected dust, then since opting into RAMP will go back to Phoenix AZ. I will keep posting updates regarding the RAMP process as it moves along but I believe I am caught in another dust pile for a minute.
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