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  1. Thank you for this information. I will utilize the website and put in a request. I let you know if this website provides useful information that away other veterans are able to utilize this as well.
  2. Hey Berta and BroncoVet, Thanks. I was using yahoo for most my searches and would only result in 6-7 results. I will attempt to retrieve this data one way or another. I guess I am not sure who actually conducts inspection on military barracks, dining facilities, gyms, etc? I would like to find a way to contact these 3rd party inspection organizations or find out if it is actually military units doing these inspections. Any information is useful, as the DAV I am working with doesn't know how to get these types of records either. I am attempting to service connect my sinusitis or allergic rhinitis. I was diagnosed with these two items that haven't gone away. I had symptoms that have persisted and continue to do so. The diagnoses wasn't in service but I believe was within a year of ETS. Any thoughts would be helpful. Also, I served in Camp Humphreys South Korea from 2010-2012, my unit that I am looking information on is 602nd 2ID. The dining facility was the Talon Cafe. Thanx
  3. Hello, I have been and still currently looking for evidence to support my claim. I hope there is someone out there that has done this before or could guide me into the right direction. I was stationed in South Korea Camp Humphrey's. I was a cook in a dining facility on this post, while serving overseas in this dining hall we were told that there was a mold/fungi exposure in our ventilation system. I am looking for anyway possible to retrieve this inspection report. Does anybody know how to contact a overseas duty station such as this and secondly which specific ARMY unit would be conducting such inspections of buildings? Any information would be great as I continue to hit wall after wall. Thnx in advance.

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