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  1. Okay, new question. So suppose I am doing my job search thing, looking at jobs on Indeed, and I find one that I want to apply to. How does the 9 month SSDI trial thing work? Do I need to give SSA several weeks notice? If I get a sudden job offer that I want to accept, can I notify SSA the the day I start? Do I need to notify them beforehand? Can I notify them after I've started? How much coordination do I need to do with SSA beforehand? Will they need to contact my employers? That could be weird.
  2. Thanks for the links. They are informative! This is great news! I want to have a career in the non-profit sector doing community service work or other related jobs. But I'm glad I will be able to work, do my SSA trial work period, still have my VA benefits! I feel free to actually pursue my dreams!!
  3. One more question: Since I am medically retired and also have SSDI, I use both Tricare and Medicare as health insurance. If I use the SSA work trial program, and eventually lose my SSDI benefits, I will also lose medicare too, right? How will that affect my insurance coverage when seeing health care providers? Will my tricare coverage be different?
  4. So then I am safe in telling the SSA I want to try 9 months of work trial, get a job, without risking my VA benefits? This sounds like a win-win, no?
  5. Okay, I just called the VA rep. This is what they told me: I am 100% for PTSD and Bipolar (Permanent and Total), 10% for arthiritis in my left knee, 10% for ringing in my right ear, and 0% for flat feet. What does this mean for me??
  6. Should I just call the VA tomorrow and ask them if I am on P & T? If not, then am I good?
  7. I just tried to register an account. I got all the way through, and then it asked me to (in under 2 minutes) enter in my DoD ID number on my retiree ID Card (medically retired). I did so, clicked next. Then a screen came up saying remote proofing unavailable.
  8. I'm trying to access the ebenefits website. I'll have to create an account I guess. Is there a specific link I should go to? Once I find my rating, I will let you guys know what it says.
  9. Stupid question. How do I access them? Is there an online account I can look at? I do have my awards letters, but they are in a box somewhere.
  10. When you say cancel, do you mean do the 9 month trial, or cancel outright? Because people here seem to be suggesting I should do the 9 month option, which I do feel like is being honest. Trust me, I have no interest in being dishonest. I do want to work and be productive, but I don't want to screw myself over in the end. Especially since I have no safety net or family to go to.
  11. This is very helpful. Thank you. Yes, so getting a job and taking the 9 month work trial option won't trigger an immediate VA review? Great. I know I am not TDIU. I simply have a 100% overall rating. I don't think I am P & T, or if I were, I would assume I would know. From your long text, it sounds like there is an expectation that my conditions have symptoms that make it overall hard to function, Total occupational and social impairment, but not necessarily just for employment. If my personal life also has issues, that is also taken into account. I understand that there is always risk that they might reduce my rating if they think I'm doing better based on my life, but my personal life is genuinely difficult enough that I think I could make an honest case that I am definitely still suffering alot due to my injuries. In the event that they decide to reduce my rating down the road, that's a risk I am willing to take. I don't want to spend my life sitting on the sofa eating jelly beans. That's such a depressing existence that I don't want to consider having. I want to be productive. I want to attempt to have as normal a life as possible, job, marriage, kids one day, etc. The 9 month option sounds like a good one. And you guys are right. I don't know how well I will be able to hold down a job. I honestly don't know. I still have severe issues, including those affecting my sleep. I see a therapist. And if I fall on my butt, I don't want to get screwed from canceling my SSDI. But I need to try, at the very least.
  12. Good point. I will probably do the 9 month trial though. Just as long as SSA doesn't talk to the VA and the VA doesn't start sending me letters asking me about my employment status, etc.
  13. Sorry for all my questions, but just to clarify: The Social Security Administration and VA don't talk to each other regardless whether I flat out cancel my SSDI all at once, or do the 9 month trial work period, both? I just want to know which option is better. I just don't want the VA sending me letters either way.
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