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  1. Thank you everyone for all the support and help!! Marines don't quit, and when up against the ropes in another "mans land" where we dont speak the language or understand motives, all i could do is arm myself to the teeth with information. Unfortunately, my morality is really kind of all over the place with certain perceived injustices and since i haven't outed myself in any way, lets say i've already snooped around this fellas computer and for a married man ...he's certainly got a lot to think about losing over 20k$. Do you guys think living as an expatriate while on disability would carr
  2. Thank you guys for all the feedback, obviously my feelings of elation are conflicting over the next maneuver...Despite how either very poorly he represented me or attempted to take advantage of me, I wouldn’t wish him harm. I am interested to see how he faces reality that he without a doubt had nothing to do with the grant since I filled all nod, submissions, etc. and only hired him right after I requested the DRO review being left with no further recourse if it went poorly because I thought he’d be able to recite case law, and speak in the judges language to “lawyer” his way to a win, instead
  3. hahahha...right on geeky. Well, what i thought was since no new evidence can be submitted the argument i'd be presenting is dated - and not reflective, What i basically want is P&T at this point moving forward. 9 years ago when i filed this i thought it would just support me while i got my shit together and became at peace with everything...I didnt go to college to basically call it quits in terms of increasing my worth, financially and metaphorically. i feel the war has done enough damage that i'll probably never be a traditionally functioning employee...but, like college - i adapte
  4. Thank you Geeky...you guys think it's premature to withdraw the appeal that never should have been? Without the tdiu as a source of contention the other issues are not something worth (in my opinion) going all the way to the bva for. My back injuries and tbi from a few ied's have only gotten worse, with years(last three specifically) of va documentation stating such. I'm currently at a VA domiciliary where the doctors agreed the drug addiction was a coping mechanism after years of struggle....Point is i have far more evidence to support a more thorough and comprehensive claim a RO would probab
  5. OH MY GOD GUYS!!!!!! .....Checked Ebenefits just now to see if there was follow up to IRIS.....thought id check the AB8 out for the hell of it. I SHIT YOU NOT ITS ALREADY UPDATED!!!!!!! I cant believe it!!!!! I'm taking 5% of the would be attorneys fee and donating to this website, and your service. Thank you all for just being veterans, having the grace, integrity, and determination to get to the bottom of whatever shit is thrown in front of you! From murder alley in downtown Fallujah, to some corner of the Vietnamese jungle. You guys and your community provided light in a period of shad
  6. right on bronco....i'm definitely approaching cautiously. First i dont want him knowing i'm aware the va wont be peeling his 20% off, or reveal anything i do know. I wont ask him about the soc he received nor why it so coincidentally arrived around his filling the bva. I'll probably not talk to him at all and will probably end up withdrawing the appeal once the letter is confirmed and in my possession. Hopefully he catches on, that there was no appeal won. No attorney fee eligible, and if he sends me a bill for more than 1200$ I'll bring out the big guns and threaten to take it the State Bar t
  7. Hey everyone - thank you for the feedback. I definitely understand and appreciate your point of view. It’s definitely been taken into consideration. Let me address the validity of what I’m saying in the tdiu granted truth. I have 4 different sources (VSO friend who did a favor, lawyer, va rep, and vets .gov) all conforming the simple fact that at the DRO review I had the tdiu was granted where the increase in two other issues was not. On feb 21 2017, the va “granted one or more issues” and sent a SoC. Obviously the soc was what the lawyer was able to appeal to the BVA with. The award or
  8. His poa has expired - and last month he was trying to get me to do his job and call the va to get info since he said they would not talk to lawyers. When I asked he legally represented me how could that be he made up something about the government not playing nice. It’s obvious why they wouldn’t talk to him, he didn’t have legal authority to ask about my claim. He’s obviously lying to me
  9. This is coming from the VA hotline...I was lucky and had a woman willing to work with me and look through what occurred. I thought I explained it pretty clearly. essentially the attorney received the soc and the grant decision since they were made the same day and just told me they denied the claim, I had no idea I had won the tdiu. I think I should have known. The attorney is either incompetent or deceitful. I know he got the statement of case because the record shows the appeal being put in a month after the soc. The representative also told me his poa had expired already. I’m not givin
  10. Hey bronco just saw your post up top... it’s not the argument or approach he takes. It’s just that often he tells me something and I later discover it to be false. So he’s either lying to me(almost apparent now) or he is most certainly incompetent. A month ago I asked him to contact the va and figure out what’s happening since 4 years ago when he said he’d submit to the board he told me back then it could take a few years, only to repeat that verse a month ago. He replied by telling me his hands were tied but they might speak to me. His POA expired! No kidding they wouldn’t talk to him, a
  11. Hey everyone, thanks for the input...did a little research today and made some interesting discoveries. if anyone is wondering I had a current issue with a claim of mine being awarded by the DRO before the other issue were sent to the BVA. The post is on here. So, I found out that the DRO awarded me TDIU in Feb 2017, and then a month later my attorney filed that form 9 to take it to the board! I’m almost certainly thinking he knew given the time difference of the award grant and his filing. The DRO issued a statement of case along with it. He must have been responding to that. And I remem
  12. hey so i called white house number, they dont deal with bva...they gave me numbers to local dav. looks like im out of options...i'll look into that ramp tho. thank you
  13. thanks for the suggestion bronco...I've just recently have been seeing that term pop up a lot. I just dont want to be rifling up dept. or areas that dont have anything to do with the hang up. What i've see with kind of a similiarity is a few veterans were granted BVA for a few issues remanded the rest and sometimes it gets hung up at AMC or a DRO maybe..It's not my situation since the dro overturned the TDIU denial claim and sent a statement of case before passing on to the board the other issues of contention. So i cant say it got hung up because it was part of a cumulative appeal, it wa
  14. Hello everyone, I've been somewhat more vocal these last couple weeks as everything seems to be coming to fruition, or elaborately xxxxxx...Unfortunately, i dont knwo enough about the va to offer any advice so here i am coming to take...hahaa Seriously though, I knew the fee associated with legal representation. I was also well aware I'd be lucky if the attorney actually worked a quarter of what he was being compensated and was willing to sacrifice the pawn and kill a king back then. However, while for the better part of 5 years he's been able to offload responsibility to the VA for
  15. hey thanks for the swift reply broncovet...I probably didn't clarify too well what i was looking for in terms of advice by posting to hadit... I would never ask anyone for my personal claim specific replies...What i was hoping for was to include a just long enough snapshot, or sequence of events, along with all non events(ie. being awarded, yet no benefits/documentation change, no financial change) and hope somebody could identify some of the possibilities maybe seen elsewhere. If an issue is overturned right on it's way to the BVA i'm willing to bet theres not a whole lot that can furthe
  16. Hello everyone, Sorry for the lengthier post...Theres a lot that if i omitted would be no help to anyone offering information because too much is missing. I've included my two earlier posts links at the bottom detailing what was my initial interpretation of my problem. After digging around, and piecing evidence from various sources this is the best i've come up with. OK. So, my attorney had initially spurred this interest about a month ago. He saw something along the lines of "Full Grant" in the system and had no other details. I really took that with a grain of salt. But 2 weeks lat
  17. My attorney is really not pulling his wait here. Aside from initially checking his citrix(spelling?) and telling me he saw a full grant, I can’t say he’s done much. I got him way back because I thought the va would take me more seriously and that if If it came down to a board review he’d be able to litigate and advocate much better for a full award. Anyway, I appreciate everyone help here! Like I said when I called the va hotline the rep told me a DRO approved it (tdiu) on aug 13, over two months ago. Not sure why a final signature or two needs more than two months, or is that a normal wait? A
  18. Thanks guys! I appreciate the input. Can’t help but feel a little anxious I guess. Is there any way to check on the progress between signatures or is that all backend stuff? The DRO approved it aug 13, I can’t understand how a sign off could take more than two months! Errrr, wait it is the va right? Hah
  19. Hey I had one more question...on vets.gov it says my tdiu was granted. The va rep says it’s just awaiting a final signature. I wasn’t aware of this till today. And yesterday, being as I’ve been in a va for a service connected disability for a month now I had requested information be sent to me to file for a a temporary rating while I’ve been hospitalized. I did not fill anything out or submit it. This won’t have any bearing on the already granted award right?? Kind of panicking... thanks guys
  20. Hey everyone, love the sense of community and support here, long time reader first time contributor...Anyway, just another OIF marine veteran from the mid 2000s here with a few questions. I initially filed a claim in 2010 - was awarded 80% in 2011/2012 and filed an appeal shortly thereafter for tdiu. I was awarded ssdi and have had continual treatment from the va for ptsd, tbi and lower back injury. I was denied initially, filed a nod and hired an attorney. Seven years later my claim seems to have been diversified, my appeal for an increase in rating has been sent to the board (vets.gov s
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