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  1. Thanks Buck,makes sense to me now.
  2. 100% schedular ptsd 50% sleep apena 10% bilateral pes planus with smc -s all are static over 7 years.I didn't ask for the smc but was awarded it ,can that keep me from working?
  3. Good day,I would like to know what's taking so long to recieve my rating letter the csr told me it he rating was done on Oct.1,2018.I was told on the phone by 2 csr's at the regional office its a 100 % shedular rating and effective date is 2012.Sounds good but I need the rating letter.They keep saying its pending approval.
  4. Yes,effective date 2007,got sc for sleep apnea,sc for ptsd with mood disorder and increase for flat feet
  5. Recieved bva decision on 5/8/18,was told by peggy that it was rated on 10/01/18 and was pending authorization as of 10/9/18 what does that this mean?

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