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  1. Hello Everyone, I've been coming to this site daily for a little over a year. I have gained some really valuable information from lots of folks. Thank you for the information and Thank you for your service. I just retired a little over 90 days ago and have been to 4 C&P Exams. I just attended a C&P Exam today for PTSD (20181025). This did not go well at all because before I knew it I was cussing at the doctor. This C&P Exam was with a doctor from QTC. I get home and the VA has me scheduled for another C&P Exam tomorrow (20181026) for the same condition PTSD. Is this my imagination or is this real. How can you have (2) C&P Exam in two days. This will be my fourth one for PTSD. I really didn't mean to be so rude to the doctor at QTC but it happened. 1- I was diagnosed in-service w/PTSD, chronic F43.10 2-LHI diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety, - -VA Psychologist did a continuation of my in-service diagnosis and he also said I had PTSD (least likely as not 50% or greater)DUE TO OR INCURRED IN SERVICE -QTC Psychologist stated I don't have PTSD on 2018OCT25. -Now I have a C&P APPT for (2018OCT26) as well for PTSD @ the VA Medical center. What is going on? I'm already 70% for Sleep Apnea, knee, back and ganglion cyst. Not really comfortable posting PTSD c&p yet. Give me some time to line out names and other information an I will post it soon. Thanks !
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