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  1. I have a 70% PTSD rating. My Doctor and my LCSW therapist both say that I have traits of OCD and they see this a lot with folks with PTSD. They are going to write a nexus if needed. My question is this. If I submitted a claim for OCD it would be a secondary condition to my rated PTSD so would the VA just combine this with my current PTSD rating or is there a separate rating for OCD. I think my rating would fall under 30 percent based on what I read. It seems to match up with my symptoms. So would they keep my ptsd at 70 then the secondary would list OCD at its own rating of degree example 30? severak things stem from PTSD. For me it’s OCD and sleep apnea. My doctor has 30 plus years on this subject so I’m getting a nexus that relates my PTSD to aggravation of sleep apnea and I’m going to claim both OCD and a separate claim of secondary to ptsd sleep apnea. I just didn’t know if OCD would be part of the current ptsd rating.
  2. I agree and have learned a great deal throughout the years to never assume and the more details the better. I have been working a sleep apnea issue. Since I didn’t have this as a service connection the next step is seeing if I can get this secondary. I’ve learned that having a MD and a therapist who specializes in these things have helped. By March or April I should have a nexus completed by both professionals and we will see how it goes.
  3. They said it was just some internal issue. I’m currently rated 90 and I’m in the middle of raising PTSD from 50 to hopefully 70. This won’t change my overall rating of 90 but would they still do backpay for a increase of a disability or only if your overall rating changes ? I just submitted everything in the portal and my therapist said she even received a call from the VA. That was a first I didn’t realize they call.
  4. The folks I’d call are out of the office since March. I couldn’t if I needed or tried. I will contact them Monday.
  5. I agree. Just call Monday. As long as they aren’t taking away I’m good. I will report back about the sleep apnea once I get back my nexus. I have a LCSW along with my psychiatrist who will both write up a nexus based off how my PTSD triggers / Aggravates my sleep apnea. Both have backgrounds in treating PTSD and sleep disorders.
  6. I am single no kids nothing changed. I had a appeal denial and didn’t get any extra funds. My rate is not changed. Not in any school... I have a claim for increase that’s in middle of gathering evidence. Here is what I see now. Again, this was just added to my status and I didn’t request this. This claim about payment thing started on Dec 14 and closed Dec 17. I don’t have a clue if this was just saying my rating was not increased therefore no back pay etc due? I didn’t even file a new claim about any payment issue. then on the 23rd I get this same thing a new claim and about payment issue. I only have 1 open claim for a increase and that’s showing open and normal. Hopefully the pics will help explain this.
  7. Hello I have a current claim for PTSD increase. I’m currently at 50 percent. I had a C&P exam and I also had my physiatrist who prescribed meds and my LCSW therapist send in the notes. This is sitting in gathering evidence. that’s accurate however I’m noticing claims in ebenefits and the vet .gov site saying claim closed for Payment Issue (New) I don’t even know what this is. It’s showing up as a second claim that’s like i submitted a new claim and I didn’t. The only claim that should be open is my request for PTSD increase. This was showing up when I had my Sleep apnea secondary to ptsd denied. This on the 23rd of Dec I see this new claim again listed as Payment Issue. I plan on calling but have anyone ever seen this ?? thank you
  8. Hi I just replied to everyone and sorry. I haven’t posted much so not sure how to reply to each person. I think I just figured that out ...I have a sleep study. I was diagnosed after getting out. I do have written letters though from people that knew when I was active duty and the sleep apnea was there- gasping etc while I was in the Army. I just never knew what sleep apnea was. When I learned what it was I still avoided the test as I wasn’t going to let someone study me while I sleep etc.
  9. I’m trying to reply to all that responded. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to answer my question. some background info. I in have rated PTSD. I also took a sleep study. Sleep study said I’m severe case I stop breathing 97 times a hour or something. My provider worked at the VA for 35 plus years. His picture is hanging up in the VA hospital. He specializes and is a expert in PTSD. He also said he’s written nexus to show how PTSD will aggravate the sleep apnea. I’ll say that his knowledge has helped me a lot. I have nightmares and I have weird routines like checking areas of my house I’ll wake up waking around. Then I’ll sit in a up position for hours ... I never understood this. It’s because when you’re out in the field up might be back to back with someone ...this really made sense. Just identifying the things I do. My guy has so much knowledge and I’m just hoping they can see how the ptsd can relate with sleep issues. We will see. I have to send the info next week. Lots of the offices are closed. I don’t even know if the intake center is open and benefits has been down.
  10. Hello everybody I hope everyone is having a Good Friday. Almost 18 months ago I submitted through the vfw a appeal and this went to the board. After reviewing they remanded the decision back to my local VA office. There was evidence that was not included and I guess errors. In the meantime I am working with a provider that’s working a nexus letter. Should be done in the next week. with that in mind I expected the appeal to get denied and it took a while. I figured if I can get a nexus letter and send it then it could be added to the claim. Now that the appeal is back with the local va can I just send this to the intake center or upload ? I would ask my local vfw but their offices are closed up. also about my provider. He is not a doctor but I believe a MSW or CSW with 35 years of working with the dept of VA treating PTSD. I am rated with ptsd. I’m trying to get my sleep apnea rated secondary. I know this is talked about a lot however my question is will the va toss the nexus because the person is not a doctor ? I’d think 30 plus years working with the VA and working primarily with ptsd patients should count for something. He was licensed and just couldn’t prescribe meds. I like to avoid meds altogether and get to the square root of my issues. I appreciate any feedback. I’m glad the board didn’t Just deny me. I think I have a good argument and this nexus will help.
  11. Hello everyone I have a few questions that are related to backpay and what to “expect” as well as all claim progress directed toward va.gov I have a SC disability currently rated 0. In oct 2017 I submitted an appeal to my original claim status that rated me as a zero. In Oct 2018 my appeal which I believe went into ramp but I was denied again. I went back and got doctor letters and supplied all new information including a DBQ from doc. Basically I supplied what I should have the first go. So I submitted a new supplemental claim / appeal. It’s confusing but I was told I needed to do it this way. Anyways I submitted this new stuff in April of this year. I checked VA gov and it says they do not currently have updated status. Just says I have open claim from April. I called VA they said it’s alreasy in pending decision stage. They said they have a lot of information and again I made sure to include everything. So my first question is why isn’t va gov updating ? Is anyone else having this issue ? second, I’m currently at 70 percent. My claim is for migraines. According to their grade boxes I may get 50 percent. Say they do 50 or 30 etc. would they go back to 2017 see what my rate was then , then add this new rate and then pay difference ? I never let it go a year. I made sure to always file a response before year. I just want to get a clear understanding on what dates, how this wouid back pay and I say 50 percent just to make it easy. Thank you
  12. Well it sounds like you did everything needed and the end of this is soon over and will hopefully be in your favor. I was denied sleep apnea and they listed it as due to weight gain since getting out. I am going to appeal it as secondary to PTSD. I am arguing that poor sleep over the years along with depression can have impacts on your weight and the sad thing is i have people from when i got out that said i needed to take the sleep study. they heard me sleep and i wrote it off and didn't want any part of someone watching me sleep. My Service Rep was not too helpful and pretty much said that its a no brainer denial and in their professional opinion, they wont grant it. I am not giving up..
  13. I would hope think that they would go back to the dates that I filled since that would be the effective date.. I mean if you file something now and it takes 3 years then they should see that this is 3 years old and go from there. I will have to work this with my VSO to insure I do all this right. I plan on filing a appeal in the next 3 weeks and attaching all of the updated records and DMQ from the doctor. Just guess this will be a wait and see thing but again, it would not make sense not going back to when I have started this journey especially if i haven't missed the year timeline on appeal etc.
  14. Echo- I had my appeal sitting for roughly 9 months. I then entered the RAMP and it took exactly 4 months later to finish. I had 3 items on appeal. It was basically a new claim but was told they would go back to the original date you started or intent to file appeal etc date. Once it hit RAMP, the appeal closes and it will now be a claim- shows you the items in the new claims area and usually and from what others have said you will get a call to do c&p exams. I got a call to do this a month after I went into RAMP. Regional office is suppose to set your apts up within 30 days. Then After I did my exams it seemed to take exactly a month until it was done. This has been the results for me with claims and appeal. As soon as the c&p were done, the denial or approval followed 30 days later. I do submit records and as much as possible so it seems to help. Although I never did the DMQ forms and now I am doing these in hopes of bypassing any future c&p exams. Like others said, it could take longer but for me and about 4 others I know it seems to take 4 months if no errors, no go backs from when you enter RAMP and RAMP will be the new deal starting FEB so I am sure the dates will push back as everyone will be in that category now.
  15. Opto- have you heard back? I am going to have to file my sleep apnea under secondary to PTSD. I was wondering if you were awarded? I had the sleep test done and was put on a Bipap machine all outside of service which I wish I would have taken the test while in. Anyways, I wanted to pick your brain on this to see if they awarded you this and if so, what all did you have to do? I am working with a neurologist now and set to see him again next few weeks. I was going to have him fill out the DMQ form and go from there.
  16. This is a great question and thank you for asking this because I am in a similar boat. I had 1 VA at 800 Peggy told me that if I had a rating of say 20 percent total disability at the time of appealing and if denied then say a year passes and you are now 50 percent total rating that when they review the appeal that you would be rated 20 and they would back pay you as so because at the time you appealed, you were at 20 and as long as you did not go over the 1 year mark to appeal the decision that they would grant this...So in your case are you one of those that had a different rating from then and now? Second, I was told two different answers from Peggy. That if you were on an appeal and go to RAMP then you loose time. I was told this today actually even though in the past I was told that you do not loose time as long as you appeal before the 12 month deal. You get denied, you sign a NOD and appeal etc. Sounds like you appealed then instead of appealing you submitted as a new claim? Either way, I am very interested in what you find out because 2004 and 2015-2016 is a huge difference and if they found that you had issues now and its been something you have been appealing since 2004 and if it was marked service connected then they should in my OP be listing this effective 2004 but I could be wrong and it sounds like you will need to somehow appeal the freaking date for backpay now.
  17. I am confused on the EED date? Ok so my appeal went through RAMP process and the appeal items were from when I got out. They were considered service connected and just either low rating and 1 was a 0 rating. When I appealed, my overall rating was a 40 percent. So from the time I appealed it was around 16 -20 months of appeal and then RAMP process and denial. The denial came back September of this year or so. Since then I had claim that took a total of 4 months and was awarded and my rating is now 70. I plan on submitting my new evidence as I had my doctor complete a DMQ that pretty much checks off all of the boxes from what the BBE was stating that I lacked and now I have that. I was told ( even though we are told several different things) that they would go back to when i first appealed/or filed for increase on the items. Even though my rating is 70, they would go back to what the rating was back then. So based off the replies, do I just appeal with my new evidence? Do i need to submit additional docs ? I don't even know the term EED?
  18. May I ask did you have to pay a lot for this Nexus letter? I haven't heard/ knew anything about this letter until seeing people mention that here. I will mention this to my neurologist to see how he can piece this together. Sleep Apnea is a real $%^&* and what really upsets me and I am sure others is that i had this while in and was too much in a rush to get out that I wrote off poor sleep habits however now I am going to have to figure out a way to get compensated for this. I will work with Neuro to see if they can write up a letter as well as state that this is somehow in their opinion related to PTSD etc.
  19. I have a question on a rating question and how it would work backpay wise if you are awarded for a long overdue SC disability. I have 2 disabilities that are considered service connected however 1 is rated at 0 and the other I am trying to obtain an increase on. At the time of appeal I was at 40 percent total rating. I am now at 70 percent however I plan on appealing the 2 again and this time I have several medical records including completed DMQs from the doctor and I pretty much followed what the BME was telling me. I was lacking enough information in order to get awarded so I made sure to do that that all said. Now as I plan on appealing and the total time is around 2 years or 2.5 years how will this all work? Basically IF they decided to finally rate me for the 2 or increase both disabilities would this go back to when I originally appealed? before I appealed? what rating will they look at? I am 70 now but was only rated 40 when it started (actually 20) but yea that is where i am confused. I heard they would treat this as the rating i had when i started this appeal and they would backpay from the 2 years or however many years. I just wanted to know if anyone else has been in this situation. Thank you all !
  20. Yea I feel you. You could get 100 percent disability and that wouldn't cover your cost for rent in this area. But back to the rates and nexus letter stuff. I figured you have them fill out a DMQ and then have them write a short statement to back up what you need to show the VA? I mean how would that cost 1500? Unless we are asking to write a thesis on your condition.
  21. You will receive the big brown envelope soon I would imagine and that will answer everything that you Ebenefits didn't. Yours is now marked closed. Mine is still open why it reviews one of the 4 claim items, however they were nice enough to rate the ones they could and award something now as they work on the last item. I called 800 peggy and ofcourse the packet is being mailed today and no news on when to expect direct deposit. Could be worse.
  22. My claim was partially resolved today as well. They had it pending notification. I saw the increase and items listed but one says defer and status back to gathering evidence. I called VA they said the others are settled and there’s a rate increase one though is still be reviewed. It’s weird. But 800 couldn’t give more details so my question is when will I see the backpay again no answer. Best bet is calling your service rep and seeing what they know. Congrats on the increase. Just sounds like you’re waiting on final docs but you see the increase rating.
  23. Did you file sleep apnea as a secondary to ptsd? I too just got denied sleep apnea. I was not sure what the next step is.
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