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  1. usmcWARdog

    C & P for ptsd increase 03/12/2018

    Another question, How soon after you put your claim in did you get your C&P exam and where is your regional office? I ask because when I looked up my regional office processing time data (New York), I actually came up with the same date as the VAs earliest estimated completion date as listed on ebennys...
  2. usmcWARdog

    C & P for ptsd increase 03/12/2018

    How soon after the C&P did you get a rating?
  3. usmcWARdog

    C & P for ptsd increase 03/12/2018

    Yeah, I'm going crazy checking online everyday . I've also been looking all over ebenefits trying to find the C&P exam... The doc said she'd do the report the same day, but I don't see anything. All I can see is notes that I had an encounter in the blue button area, but its just a note and not a full report. I'm seriously losing my mind. I was fine last year when I first got rated didn't know about ebenefits... now that I know about it, its freaking torture.
  4. usmcWARdog

    C & P for ptsd increase 03/12/2018

    Wow. Thats big. You served your damn country so you rate it. Congrats man. I'm waiting to see what comes back with mine. I'm rated currently at 50% ptsd and 30% skin condition. I had my c&p exam for PTSD increase and Individual Unemployability at VA last Thursday (11/1/18) and waiting for the next steps in process...
  5. Hello all. I'm new to this forum and have questions about the possible timeline for getting a rating and getting paid. I've seen something online recently, but I can't seem to find it again... Anyways, I'm currently rated at 70% disabled which consists of 50% PTSD and 30% skin condition. My claim was submitted on 10/1/18 through VSO for an increase in PTSD and included a new claim IU benefits as well. I got a call about 2 weeks ago to schedule C&P exam in Brooklyn NY VA hosp. for today, in which the examiner today said she would be completing report and submitting by tonight. The thing is, on ebenefits, when you click on "disabilities" under my profile, you can click on "view pending claim" at the bottom of the page to see the Estimated Completion date of the claims - and mine is telling me from 12/13/18 to 1/26/2019. Ebenefits is clear that it can go longer than this, but is it possible that it can be completed before the listed estimate date as well? Also, once the report has been submitted, what are the expected steps in between C&&P exam and receiving the increase and/or IU rating. Again, I am based in NYC. Thanks folks!!!
  6. usmcWARdog

    C & P for ptsd increase 03/12/2018

    Hi @Togore101, Whats the current status of this claim of yours?

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