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  1. Greetings everyone, Looking for any input on what may be going on with my recent and upcoming C&P exams, as im a bit thrown off by the process of things. Currently rated: 80% [ 70-ptsd 10-tbi -10 tinnitus- 10 lower back strain ] A few months ago I was called in for a routine re evaluation for my PTSD claim through QTC. I felt the exam didn't go very well. The examiner didn't read over my file beforehand, I didnt feel like I was able to express myself very well, and was quite emotional that day and cried during the exam. One thing she asked me towards the end was if I had ever been diagnosed with TBI, to which I said yes. She closed the exam basically mentioning she cant determine what part of my condition is depression and what part is PTSD. There was no mention of a Tbi exam or anything other that the initial question if ive ever been diagnosed. For all this time, until just recently ,eBenefits has been reading : claim pending/gathering of evidence. Currently it reads Claim pending- Ptsd (rfe) and Tbi( increase). Just today, I recieved an email from VES/Veteran Evaluation Services, calling me in for an exam in 14 days. The email states the doctors name & her board of practice ( Gynecology ?) however, it also states some sort of tbi certification towards the bottom, so im assuming its a TBI exam. What is really going on here? Did the doctor from the re evaluation trigger the TBI increase? is this going to help my overall rating , or is this a sort of plot to lower my ptsd rating? im very slow to trust the VA and have a hard time thinking the doctor was on my side after such a rough exam. Any ideas? ~Thanks for reading
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