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  1. Do I have to do an appeal for the incorrect retro pay or just submit his transcripts showing he was in school?
  2. I have a question about retro payment. My appeal was closed and granted on Nov 28 2018 100% permanent and total with a new effective date of Aug 29 2017. I just received my retro payment and it looks like it's not correct. My son was in collage full time in 2017 and just graduated May 2018. My question is shouldn't the VA back pay me for my son's tuition? What should I do next?
  3. I was just rated 100% but not permanent and total. I got a copy of my code sheet that tells me everything about my disabilities. I looked on my code sheet and all of my disabilities are listed static but under the section Legacy Codes where it says future exam date it says " At Once" does anyone know what this mean? is it an error and should I be considered permanent and total due to all my disabilities are listed as static. My DAV rep think this is an error and I should be rated as permanent and total.
  4. Does an intent to file applies when you file an appeal or does it only apply when you file a disability claim for service connection claim? Thanks in advance
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