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  1. Thanks for the replies. I wanted to use the USO while waiting to board my flight. I always get anxiety waiting in those little chairs in front of the terminal, and there is so much going on around. I havent flown in years since my last meltdown waiting in the bathroom down the hall from my terminal. DFW is a HUGE airport, and my agoraphobia kicks in. I also will be flying with my spouse, and our toddler who has never flown before. I know at this USO they have a little kids area with toys and books and it would make the trip a little smoother.
  2. Hi, I am going to be relocating to the east coast, and I called the USO at DFW airport to ask them if I could utilize the USO at the airport. The volunteer was not completely aware or knowledgeable, but she kept asking if I had a military DOD issued ID card that did not look like a veterans ID card issued by the VA. I am 100% Total and Permanent and have a military ID card with indefinite expiration date. Has anyone else used the USO at airports and not had any issues? I hate the crowds
  3. I have been paying for Medicare each month roughly $133 or so per month since I was approved for SSDI in March of 2017, and I am 100% T&P (receiving care through the VA). I have never used an outside doctor using Medicare, and never have used the benefits. I want to make sure that I am utilizing all of the benefits/plans that I am approved for. Do I need Medicare/is it worth the monthly payment? I would like to use an outside doc outside of the VA anyway, due to some of the lack of care or rude treatment that some of the doctors have shown. Do I just contact any PCP and ask if they take medicare to start seeing them for my annuals, etc. Lastly, will I be covered with Medicare if and when I go to the ER/hospital stay outside of the VA?
  4. Thanks Seminoles That's awesome that your kids were able to use the benefit to meet all of their extended needs as well. I can only hope and pray that our son has some type of scholarship as well when he gets to that road.
  5. Thanks for the informaiton brokensoldier244th. I was not aware that the stipend is paid directly to the student, in my case, the spouse. That's awesome news!
  6. Thanks so much Buck! I really appreciate you for answering my question. I saw the applications after you mentioned it, and I am going to fill them out and contact them next week. All of this can seem so overwhelming at first. I actually had an increase in panic attacks when I first saw the packet (before I opened it up). With the VA you never know what will happen after a C&P. I was more than happy after I opened it and saw the 100% T&P.
  7. Hello, I am new to the forum, but have been trolling for a few years now. I have finally been awarded 100% P&T with no future examinations, (before I was just 100%). Hopefully someone can help me answer these questions before I take the plummet and call the 1800-827-1000 number on Monday : - Does texas have a tuition waiver for spouses? - Can you use a tuition waiver and still receive benefits from Chap 35? (wanting to max out benefits) -If your tuition is less than the amount of the monthly entitlement, what do you do with the extra stipend amount besides books? -We have a 4 year old, how can I ensure that he is able to use the benefit when he gets college age? -Do I have to apply for the Chapter 35 benefit now to ensure our son gets it in 13 years? Is there an expiration date for him since he is so young now? Lastly, is there another dental option for dependents since Champ Va doesn't cover it? Sorry for such a long list of questions.
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