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  1. Thank you very much for your quick reply. Yes, the COPD is lifelong. Your reply is clearly written, but I want to make certain I understand your suggestion - he should ask for a rating increase even though he hasn’t been rated for the COPD yet and we will add the new med records/evidence with the request? Thank you again. We have been using this site as lurkers for a few years and always impressed with the quality of responses.
  2. Hello: My husband was granted disability for COPD related to asbestos exposure. He served in the USN. The BVA granted the disability Oct 10 2018. His disability is markedly worse since the appeal was started in 2014. How does whe make the VA aware that he uses oxygen due to the COPD (he thinks the COPD, if using his med records from 2014, would be ~30%). The appeal process is long and he knows that he was given an answer sooner than some. His question: Is he rated at where his disability was when he started the appeal process in 2014 (and ultimately back pay received at that rate) or is there a way to update med records so initial rating is based on current state of disability? Hoping this makes sense - thank you for any help
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