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  1. rag ft myers

    How to get a straight answer on Grant ?

    My lawyers sent a letter to the EIC -Evidence Intake Center in Janesville,Wi. Asking them to implement the decision without delay. We'll see ? Mylawyers did there job, I have been patient (for the most part) for going on 15 years Bronco. I am 70% for adjustment disorder, anxiety and depression--and yes it is eating at me. Can you imagine if you had the same wait with car insurance-home ins filing a claim ? However I do think they bury you pretty fast then you are no longer their problem. You need a special education and the temperment of the Flying Nun to get thru this. Mine is very clear cut--but of course laying at the bottom on mount Mckinley of paperwork who knows.
  2. rag ft myers

    How to get a straight answer on Grant ?

    Berta By the time I see anything it will be 15 years close to/or more than. My grant is pretty simple it appears as it gives dates for effective date. Unreal and frustrating for sure. Thanks all inputs help.
  3. rag ft myers

    How to get a straight answer on Grant ?

    thanks vet quest. Here is the real kicker everything I claimed I was treated for medically while on active duty (85-99). So for this to take going on 15 years ? I know they are 2 completely different fish but I have been on SSDI since 2003 ?. Oh well you said it correctly, now each day seems an eternity. The sooner the better for many reasons.
  4. rag ft myers

    How to get a straight answer on Grant ?

    Relax is easier said than done Bronco. Funny I have the VA Medical down to a science, go to 2 outside providers every week, get things done with VA with relative ease (I did say relative) but the admin /paperwork claim process is a true "Beast". I think I would rather face a fire breathing dragon. I am almost afraid to call them because I know there lack of an answer only works on my nerves. Soon to be 15 years----long time. I will try to relax.
  5. After being Granted TDUI Effective March 2004 and having disability rating increased from 60% to 70% by the BVA at the beginning of of Oct, I have made 2 fruitless call to the VA 1-800-827-1000. Is there a way to get and keep getting an update on where my grant is in the finalazation process. I am almost regretting that they sent me the letter of winning on both counts. It causes alot of stress and anxiety. I would assume after going on 15 years it is going to be quite the retro. Main question though how to follow it progression or non progression. ? My grant plainly says TDUI back to March 2004 and 70% same. But the 1-800 # either doesnt know much or they won't tell you. First call they told me it was pending (RO)?
  6. My claim is from March 2003-it was finally granted Oct 9th--now how long ?BVA granted it withdates ?
  7. RMEvet--how long after grant-time wise ? And congrats hope they got /get everything right..ENJOY:)
  8. irritating to say the least--14 yrs ofr this? my 14 years in the military went by much much quicker
  9. I called the VA--the guy said "it was started on Oct 9th". Okay where is it now ? I have no answer to give you. I said you mean there are know other entries since OCt 9th, stutter stutter. Yes, there is an internal memo from Nov 5th. Well what is it ? Its being worked. There are no time frames he said. I said you mean there is no estimate-no, you will get a letter from the RO telling you everything. PERIOD. I dont think they can tell us what they know ?
  10. how did you find out they "started on it " ?
  11. vetquest I have a lawyer-but I have never made mention of this problem it surfaced in the last year, matter of fact I usually only heard from them about twice a year to make sure address and info was still correct. Maybe I should bring it up to them--I have been at this so long--. Thing is they might have to sequester records from the VA and that would /might slow everything down again or bury it in the abyss. Doesnt help with stress thats for sure.
  12. vetquest I have NASH-which is Non Alcoholic steatohepatits--in other words cirrohsis of the liver --not caused by alcohol. I am with a few points of joining the transplant list--would be nice to have this all cleared up before that time, nothing to play with I am sure you understand. thanks for all your help.
  13. WOW- 4-6 mos ? I guess I should be happy that it very clearly states TDUI to 2004. Its almost worse now waiting. I guess its consoling to know that unfortunately I am not alone in the boat. You would think they have to order a special abacass from SaiPan for each case ? unreal really unreal-

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