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  1. I finally got it all, claim filed march 2004-paid January 4, 2019--all in all 15 years, but once grant came 90 das. Best of luck , hang in there. Send a IRIS weekly and call weekly?
  2. yes BroncoVet--many thanks to hadit.com , I was very worried along this whole trail-y'all made it bearable. Thank you. And as long as my body, mind and sould hold out and with God's grace I am finally set. 15 years of waiting ? I was at 60% but went to 100% retro back for 15 years. Already have a dental appt scheduled with VA as well-what a relief ! I know as well or better than anyone it is hell-but hang in there
  3. Well its finally over ! Claim filed March 3rd, 2004 BVA Grant Oct 9, 2018 Claim/Grant closed Dec 31, 2018 Retro pay recieved Jan 4th, 2019 What a long haul-dont want to do it again but 15years--100% Thanks God !
  4. ace-I cant explain how this feels I spent 15 years on AD and then 15 for this (I was getting 60%). I would say hang in there in---its not easy---, the easy thing is to see why people quit, die, get worse etc. I wish the best for you and everyone, I hope you get yours soon and I get paid soon. Hope your boat has a motor seems mine had nothing but oars for years. CHEERS
  5. Just printed out my letters I am 100% permanent --dating back to march 2004. 15 Years of 100% retro owed-60% which I was getting. Got my letter for BX and Commissary Card and monthly amount of pay. Not paid yet but the wheels are finally clicking. Thanks alot to all on hadit.com for answering questions. Since I was granted this I have been on pens and needles.
  6. Vetquest I see this under benefits, not once but twice-I am guessing because there were 2 dates of SMC. And I see the jump to 80%. This says something about 100% but not TDIU Entitled to special monthly compensation under 38 U.S.C. 1114, subsection (s) and 38 CFR 3.350(i) on account of adjustment disorder with depressed mood and anxiety disorder not otherwise specified (previously coded 9400: anxiety disorder, and 9435-9434 for pension: mood disorder secondary to medical condition, formerly adjustment disorder with depressed mood rated 100 percent and additional service-connected of degenerative joint disease, residuals of a right ankle fracture (also claimed as broken ankles and as ankle pain and swelling), fractured left ankle (claimed as broken ankles and as ankle pain and swelling), independently ratable at 60 percent or more from 08/04/2008 to 09/30/2008.
  7. Just checked my ebenefits I was increased from 60% to 80%. Shows Comp/Pension closed , however I cant find anything about TDIU. It was granted back to March 2004. Will this update later. Should I expect something soon ? Its all showing complete-unless I am looking in the wrong place. Thanks to all and Happy New Year.
  8. talked to the VA they told me the amount I will get--but did not have a date as yet--its gotta be so close ?
  9. broken soldier- granted TDiU to March 2003 from 50% to 70% plus some SMC plus i have another 3rd
  10. well folks I thins it here Status of Your Claim Complete Submitted: 12/13/2018 (Comp and Pen) Claim Closed: 12/13/2018 Representative for VA Claims: ROBERT V CHISHOLM Current Status: Complete Current Status Info Tooltip with additional information
  11. Either that or Grace Slicks version of White Rabbit ? Happy Holidays-- Authorized by RO wasnt that done by the BVA Grant ?
  12. Berta but WTH does it mean RO has authorized Grant and has now sent finance. And yes the abacus is funny (if not true ) One would think at 16 yrs of this my whole process was done by carrier pidgeons sent to Gilligans Island and back to Willy Wonkas CHockalate Factory where at the very end Willie Wonka signs the paper ?
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