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  1. Thank you, Berta. I don't know if this is the right way to reply without quoting. I will see if the envelope comes today. If not, I will call the dreaded 1-800. It's just so weird for anyone to make so many deposits to one account all all the same time. It's not just weird because it's the VA, but anyone paying anyone that way seems to go against common sense. Navy Federal is used to taking VA payments, so it's not like they would have had an issue with it all coming in one direct deposit. I will keep trying to figure it out and keep you all updated. Oh, BTW just checked Vets.gov a few minutes ago. It's not even a thing anymore. We now have to go to VA.gov.
  2. Another strange thing is that while all of my VA letters are updated and the disabilities link shows 100%, nothing else is up to date. eBenefits is still stuck at having the last progress as receiving my claim in June 2015. Vets.gov shows that it with a DRO in the "status" tab, but the "issues" tab says that 4 of the 5 have been granted. I hate that there is so much conflicting information and now this partial retroactive in multiple payments seems to make no sense. I just wish they would make a real effort to keep us updated. There's no good reason for conflicting information and eBenefits not showing any progress with the appeal since receiving it over 3 years ago. I know that they received my appeal with a year of the denial, so that can't justify the missing pay.
  3. Hello. I tried to find an answer to this question by searching for this topic, but I can't find anything similar. Forgive me if I'm asking something that has already been answered. After 5 years and an appeal I finally received 100% disability. I am not retired and have no dependents. The retro pay came in, but it is not the entire amount that I'm due and it came to my bank in multiple direct deposits with weird amounts. Even so, it still falls woefully short of the appropriate amount. Has anyone ever had retro pay paid out like this? Can someone explain why they would do this and why it still doesn't add up to the full retro? Everything I read on this board said that the retro is a lump sum payment, but obviously it is not true in this case. I haven't received anything in the mail yet to explain the missing funds or the breakdown. There were more deposits than the ones shown, but for privacy I only copied some of them. This is copied from eBenefits payment history. Please see the pic. ***Okay... nevermind, I see that there is no way to upload the pic of the payment.
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