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  1. @broncovet Absolutely. I have my entire medical record in hand and bookmarking the records of depression for my upcoming SSDI appointment. I am hoping that if they see I have a documented history it will help make my case. @brokensoldier244th I was diagnosed and treated for 9 months at home base before deployment in 2012. I was taking citalopram every day with follow-ups. It was documented although combined with my shoulder injury and stomach issues, made medications blend in together and it was a rough time. @vetquest I agree. I just had to deal with it rather than a tainted record. It is sad though because not everything happens where it can be visible or immediately show up. Many soldiers often don't use their medical benefits while in either because other soldiers make a big deal out of it and they don't want to seem weak, or, in my case, threatened with legal action for trying to document and seek diagnosis for a spine problem, that can be potentially dangerous to my wellbeing. Thank you everyone for all the replies. I will try to respond to as many as I can.
  2. Good day to all! I would like some insight or advice. I served in the Army between 2007 and 2013. I filed for several things and service rated for 2. 10% GERD 10% Right shoulder 0% Right knee. Throughout my service I have had back problems that would manifest from time to time. Like something would "pinch" and I would be locked in place. It happened a few times but any time I went to get it looked at, they could never find anything wrong. I was warned about malingering so I just dealt with it. Also I have had a couple bouts of depression during and after service that I haven't claimed. Currently in my 15th month of appeal to get service connected for my back and neck because things deteriorated to constant pain in the past 3 years. After much arguing with VA Dr I finally got MRI's and X-rays which show Degenerate Disc Disease as well as multiple vertebrae pushing against thecal sack which causes pain and mobility issues. Dealing with these issues I was in a depression for a few years. Doctor kept me medicated for pain and I was miserable. My question is should I file a claim for depression? I have been unable to work more than part time due to pain and have been living on my GI Bill. Currently I have an appointment for SSDI in 2 weeks for Mental Health for depression and anxiety. Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks to all!
  3. Good day to all! I would like some insight or advice. I served in the Army between 2007 and 2013. I am happy to be a part of this awesome site. I have discovered it several months ago while looking for answers to some of the issues I have had and this seems like a great community with much insight. I wish I hade found this site several years ago. Thank you for making such a brilliant place where many others can share their stories of triumph and battles in the VA healthcare system. It really is a rough place to go it alone.
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