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  1. Suppose to get $34,000 minus the $6,600 for lawyer fees giving me roughly $27,000 per the 11/7 letter. I'm getting a deposit of $18,500 tomorrow according to my bank and I called VA they said it cause my award was approved for $27,000 minus the $6,600 equals about $18,500. My question is 20% of $27,000 is $5,100 but they are doing it off the $34,000 paying $6,600 to my lawyer. But only paying me $18,500 so what happened to it being $34,000 that the original Al letter stated and if it changed to $27,000 why is my lawyer still being paid off the $34,000? 8k is missing. What do I need to do?
  2. And your right $27,000 plus the $6,600 would be right. Only thing I'd first letter says $34,000 minus $6,600 leaving me $27,000. But they did $27,000 minus $6,600 and only paying me $18,500. If they had done it the other way I would be asking for help. That's the issue it was suppose to be 34,000 mins lawyer fee but they didn't do that. Even though I have it in Black and White in the letter. I'm missing $8k and yes I know it normal takes longer to receive but my bank informed me today that it has a pending deposit for $18,500. That what I started looking in at it should have been $27,000 Cause $27,000 plus lawyer fee equals the $34,000.
  3. Ok so on 11/7 I got a letter stating that a decision was made in the amount of $34,000 (before lawyer fees) And they would be taking $6,600 (20%) for lawyer fees. However now in a 12/24 letter they are saying they are saying $27,000 (before lawyer fees) and taking $6,600 (20% of $34,000) for lawyer fees. So how does VA just change the retro, no info, states they are taking the 20% at the original amount. But only paying me the new amount. What do I need to do as the short changed me over $8K (did not put the exact about just enough to show point I'm trying to make as the math does not add up.)
  4. So 11/7 I recurved a letter stating about lawyer fees. What total amount granted was and of that what lawyer is getting out of it. Now I can do basic math so I k ow what I'm getting. Simple right...no nothing from VA on this since 11/7 almost 30 days ago and when I call they will not answer a question directly instead you get a run around and then they say anything else I can help with when they didn't help at all. So can anyone help me. How long after BVA grants does it take to get retro pay? Why is it they they can't just give an answer in plain English?
  5. No I have been that for a while now. This was an appeal that was prior to me being 100% that the lawyer has continued to work on.
  6. I just received a letter today dated 11/7 It states that the Claim with the Board that was granted back in 10/2018. It states an accredited attorney or agent properly filed a valid direct-pay fee agreement per the provisions, it goes on to say that the amount of Past-due benefits for so much has been computed from the effective date of the award through the date of the decisions, is so much. That of that amount so much is withheld for fees in the amount of said dollars, which is 20% of past due benefits. Since it is stating that they are paying my lawyer and what they original amount before the lawyer was and what they are giving lawyer, when can I expect to see the back pay. I have always received direct deposit. And before anyone says 20% is allot this lawyer did not take a dime from me except this 20% and they have helped me to do what I was unable to get done for the last 15 years. Thanks for your help in advance.
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