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  1. @GeekySquid Oh you better believe I noticed that! Date corresponds to the date that I opened an Intent to File....I have been in the habit of opening one almost every year for the past couple of years. Should have done that years ago, would have received more back pay. But in the end this 20 year journey with the VA has been a learning experience and I am grateful that the journey to having ailments recognized and properly documented has ended.
  2. @GeekySquid@doc25 Well thanks again guys, looks like everything is in place for P&T based on what I see. Here is a screen shot.
  3. @GeekySquid @vetquest Guys thank you for your response, it is much appreciated. I cannot explain the obsession, other than it being a side effect of PTSD..... My obsession told me that I needed to check eBenefits one more time before heading to bed. The RESULTS are in....I am now rated 100%!!!! I have no idea yet if that means that I am P&T or if they will just label me as schedular for the time being. That I can wait on the letter for. Your support is appreciated!
  4. I am obsessive so I have to revisit this topic. I thought that things were in the home stretch regarding my claim. It went from Preparation for Notification to Preparation for Decision, then back to Pending Decision Approval, back to Preparation for decision. This bouncing around has been driving me CRAZY. Soooo, I called the VA 1-800 number. The guy I spoke with told me that a decision has been made. So my new question, to you guys, if you have any experience with this type of situation is is it more likely than not that a positive rating was decision was made and the VA is simply tr
  5. Hey brother & sisters, I am grateful for these types of forums. I have been monitoring my ebennes claim status, and have read a few forum posts here. My claim status we from Preparation of Notification backward 2 steps to Preparation for Decision. I NEVER did see a step labeled Pending Decision Approval. Is it common to see Preparation for Notification and not to see the Pending approval part? VA claims seem to have increased in speed over the last 5 or so years, but I have not seen the crazy movement as I have on this claim. Could this be any sort of sign....I am currently at
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