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  1. On my depression c&p exam on depression it did mention not 100% cause I was not at the greatest level.I was one step away from being hallucinating etc.Think I was one stage under that.Iwould like to attempt at getting UI,but do I appeal my last rating it just apply for it.
  2. I really never expected to go from 40% to 80% when I applied for the increase,so I never thought about IU. I did tell the examiner I worked part time,about 20hrs per week.Does saying this eliminate me from IU. I'm under the impression as long as earnings are not over certain amounts this should not prevent being eligible for IU.
  3. Recently I applied for increased compensation of my existing conditions,which were 10% hearing and 30% depression. I filed for a increase on my depression which went up to 70% from 30%. Second I filed for sciatica of right leg secondary to back. Anyway I went from 30% to 80% rating. I was not granted IU but was not filing for that,just a increase. Do I appeal being they did not consider me eligible,or do I just file a new claim for it.
  4. I recently got a 80% rating. I was not rated as UI,but was not applying for it,now that I am 80%,how do I go about getting it.Do I file an appeal against the current claims I was just awarded,or just straight out apply go it.
  5. Recently after applying for an increase on my depression secondary to back,and also sciatica secondary to my back also I was awarded 80 % rating. I did not apply for IU was only applying for increase on my current condition. Now that I'm eligible for IU do I have to appeal due to them not automatically awarding it,or do I just file for it?
  6. Recently I filed some claims.Filed for increase on my depression.Awarded 70% up from 30%.There are about 6 classification for depression.Mine was next to the top one. Second filed for sciatica on right leg secondary to back.Awarded 20%in this. On my depression,that is secondary to back problems. My question is I was not filing for IU,just an increase. I have a total rating of 120%,payable at 80% disability. Was not given IU,so do I appeal their decision or do I just file for IU
  7. VSO verification positive results on increase. Ebenefits don't share everything that VSO can see.
  8. Haven't received actual approval letter as of yet. So don't know at this time. Only going by what was on ebenefits.
  9. Guess I was fretting to early.Just got my rating decision.Went from 40%to 80%. 70% on depression due to back issues and 20% on leg pain secondary to back issues,which ,=out to a total of 80%.
  10. Question: I filed two claims: 1.Increase for my depression disorder, which was rated at 30% on my original claim back in 2015. 2.Leg pain secondary to my back condition. Status of my claim is showing,request 1, no longer needed.Request 2no longer needed,request 3 second signature required, request 4 secondary action required. Can anyone explain this.
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