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  1. I guess the word “communicates” would not be an accurate term..let me restate it as “when ebenefits interprets an update from VA and relays it as a request on ebenefits”. But your totally right ebenefits isn’t very reliable, n I bet everyone can admit to being stuck in that evil loop of checking it multiple times a day even when they try there hardest not to lol. But it does give a little window of understanding when u have a VSO that says nothing has changed just keep waiting every time I inquire information on my claim or tells me to call the 800# & their just as vague with there info..thanx for the input though I appreciate it
  2. Any body have any clue as to what the internal language between the VA and ebenefits mean ....I’ve read that “exam request” signals to a rater that they need to look over a claim to see if it needs an exam any truth to this? I’m totally lost with my claim for some odd reason they sent a initial MH DBQ that was done by a private LCSW to a contractor for a doctor to make an opinion, after it came back to the VA of course past the due date the “exam request- processing” popped up in the needed from you section but it also said no longer needed
  3. VSO helps by guiding me with procedures,but I do all the leg work. Goal was to do claim with private DBQ in hopes of not having to have a biased VA exam my VSO instructs me to call 1800# when I need clarification on things I am willing to do an exam on my island we have a QTC psychologist here but VA seems to try and avoid using him (lots of vets get favorable exams due to the fact that the QTC doc is a Vietnam vet) every time I spoke with a representative from the 1800# they stated after no fly request was made because my hips can’t handle a 50 min flight n I don’t think my mind could handle it either, it was in the system, just my regional office stated that it wasn’t their. My DBQ was done by my private therapist I’m seeing a new private psychologist just Incase I need a DBQ/opinion to refute the VA’s decision according to the 1800# representative a DBQ was sent to vetfed (contractor) for an opinion I can only assume that it was my private DBQ but when the representative told me that vetfed did the DBQ maybe they went ahead n did a IME idk but I’m assuming if it was my private DBQ being used I would need an exam for them to come up with an opinion
  4. Missed first QTC exam due to the flying issue. Told representative over the phone before about not being able to fly, but he said no doc available on my island at the time and made first appointment off island (I missed this first appointment) Asked for a referral for new appointment via 1800#, person I spoke with input the request of no fly and also stated reason, he then sent referral to my regional office. 2 weeks later I get a call from VA to schedule a c&p they said needs to be done on outer island , I stated note was made in referral of no flying she then said no notes were in the system n if I wanted a exam via FaceTime/ tele conference on my home island, I declined that option due to the fact that my claim is for depression i don’t think they cannot observe me sufficiently via tele exam. No exam was scheduled that day, the lady also explained special requests for exams take 30 days I called 1800# again asking if notes were input, representative I got sounded very confused about whole situation, because he said notes were their in the system for no fly, a DBQ was submitted why are they calling me for exams it shows in the system one is not required at this time. I don’t know if he helped me by looking further into it after I got off the phone with him he sounded genuinely frustrated with me regional office n he was very nice to me he said no one should be contacting me n to just stand by 2 weeks after that call, I’m getting antsy so I call 1800# again another very nice representative over the phone stated to me that I’ve done everything on my part everything is on the VA’s end now that’s when she stated my DBQ was sent to a contractor (vetfed) for a doctor to look at and make an opinion and that no exams are required , she also stated that vetfed did my DBQ I didn’t really catch it at first so I just said yes but nov 26 2018 which is today is when vetfed needs to complete opinion. My claim is a DRC which the VA received August 23 2018, I did a DBQ with a licensed clinical social worker because she’s my personal therapist I’ve been seeing for awhile, my VSO said I don’t need to do a C&P with very biased VA doctors if I do it that way (private DBQ) only to find out through research that initial mental claims should be done with board certified doctors or doctorate level therapists I also started seeing a private psychologist after my claim was submitted Incase my social workers credentials weren’t sufficient all my private mental doctors very willing to help me and sign any paper work need for VA purposes . Maybe my DBQ is sufficient but would they really make a opinion with no exam?
  5. This question is in regards to the VA saying that my DBQ was sent to Vetfed for an opinion. A little back story I have a 20% total rating for bilateral Avascular necrosis of the femur heads, had this rating for the past 15 yrs which led me to file a claim for secondary depression due to the pain of Service-Connected disability. I’m working with a VSO completed a DBQ with a private licensed clinical social worker (I’m aware that initial mental claims must be done with board certified psych). I just called the 1800# they said DBQ was sent out for a opinion and that the DBQ was done with vetfed (contractor) which it wasn’t it was done by a private therapist. I haven’t had any c&p exams for secondary claim but I800# said theirs no request or need for one. I have missed an initial c&p due to them scheduling on a different island (I live in the state of Hawaii) due to flying being very uncomfortable physically and mentally (theirs a QTC doc on my home island) I made a request for new QTC appointment with not being able to fly being noted. vetfeds opinion is due nov 26 2018 my claim is expected to be done dec 8 2018-Jan 30 2019. I’m just curious how they can send my DBQ out for an opinion without an exam? And why they think that vetfed did the initial DBQ?
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