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  1. What is VOC rehab and what how would I go about getting an assessment? Getting a statement from my doctor shouldn't be an issue, In what manner would be best in submitting the statement? My UI claim is primarily for PTSD, Tinnitus, Bum knee, Anxiety, Tourettes and Seizures. All of which are SC. Thanks!
  2. I've run into an issue verifying my employment with Speedway. As you all know, the VA is requesting that my employer fill out VA FOrm 21-4192 Request For Employment Information. When I contacted the Employee Information line, they pointed me to the worknumber. I contacted the worknumber and are telling me this. Speedway will not disclose any employment information, it must be done through the worknumber. These instructions apply if you want someone to verify your employment only (no income). Provide your verifier with your Social Security Number and the name of your employer. Tell your verifier to visit www.theworknumber.com and register inside the verifier area. When I check out the verifier location of the site, it's asking the employer to pay 40bucks to verify my information. I can't seem to find a way for the worknumber to fill out this simple piece of paper. I'm not sure what the implications would be if I do not send in this form to ebenifits withing the 30day deadline Any help or information would be great! Thanks.
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