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  1. Soliz- Quick question for you....It sounds like you were notified on a claim closing individually, is that the case? I have over 12 in and was trying to figure out if they would do all and then notify me or as each one closed, notifying me possibly up to 12 different times....
  2. Thanks for your assistance... From all I have read... My secondary sleep apnea will be a battle from my allergic rhinitis... This one will probably be lawyer worthy
  3. Several months ago I went to my doctor for a left ankle gout attack. I luckily saw his PA and he asked so many questions and Drew some blood. Next appt he said I needed to have a calcium test on my heart...I freaked out and finally admitted to my self...I need help and in bad shape, in many ways. Had to get a stress test on the heart and in the pre questionnaire it asked about my sleep.... I have had sleep apnea for many years.. And I was skinny! Allergic rhinitis has always been my problem...I have severe sleep apnea
  4. as you can see, there are several grouped together...which probably should be listed separately
  5. allergic rhinitis 0% Service Connected 08/01/2009 right elbow gout 10% Service Connected 11/02/2009 right hip degenerative arthritis 10% Service Connected 04/12/2010 right knee patellofemoral syndrome, claimed as gout and iliotibial band syndrome 10% Service Connected 08/01/2009 left knee gout 10% Service Connected 11/02/2009 gout, left foot 0% Service Connected 11/02/2009 gout, right foot 0% Service Connected 11/02/2009 facial hyperpigmentation claimed as melasma and cholasma faciei 30% Service Connected 08/01/2009 post operative bunionectomy scar, right great toe 0% Service Connected 08/01/2009 left elbow bursitis/strain also claimed as gout 10% Service Connected 08/01/2009 right hallux valgus post bunionectomy 10% Service Connected 08/01/2009 hypertension 0% Service Connected 08/01/2009 left hallux valgus 0% Service Connected 08/01/2009
  6. I have a rating for 10% for:. right knee patellofemoral syndrome, claimed as gout and iliotibial band syndrome Is it common for VA to group conditions, can these be separated? Thanks for the assist...
  7. Can anyone make anything out of these... Is this Auto 10% in PFT? What does dorcel de change come with? Results:. Pulmonary hyperinflation is demonstrated. Mild degenerative change is seen involving the dorcel spine. Uric acid 9.3 Pft: pre bronc:. Fvc71,fev1 71,fev1/fvc 99
  8. Can anyone tell if this rateable... Not sure what to make of it..... VA medical disability exam results: RA - minimal talonavicular degenerative change is seen. Anarthodesis is seen at the base of the first carpal metacarpal articulation. A small superior calcaneal spur noted.
  9. When I calculate my disability on any calculator via the web, I only get 63% for 60%. But my total Combined Disability done and finalized by the VA is 70%. Can anyone point out why or is this a mistake by VA? Allergic Rhinitis 0% Right Elbow Gout 10% Right Hip Degenerative Arthritis 10% Right Knee Patellofemoral Syndrome 10% Left Knee Gout 10% Gout Left Foot 0% Gout Right Foot 0% Facial hyperpigmentation 10% Post Operative Buninectomy Scar 0% Left Elbow Bursitis/Claimed as Gout 10% Right Hallux Valgus Post Bunionectomy 10% Hypertention 0% Left Hallux Valgus 0% Yeah, sorry....Facial Hyperpigmentation should read 30%
  10. I was calculating 'my already calculated' disability on http://www.vvaarizona.org/combined_disability.php# with their calculator. When I enter the number of rated disabilities (7) add 6 10% individually then my last of 30%, I get 62.7%....basically 60%. I am officially rated at 70% . The only way I get 70% on the calculator is if i add the 6 10% for 60% and add 30% and then calculate...72% for 70%. Which way is correct? If the first way is correct, has anyone ever had to pay back pay if they miscalculated? Like, 10% for over 9 years?
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