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  1. When I calculate my disability on any calculator via the web, I only get 63% for 60%. But my total Combined Disability done and finalized by the VA is 70%. Can anyone point out why or is this a mistake by VA? Allergic Rhinitis 0% Right Elbow Gout 10% Right Hip Degenerative Arthritis 10% Right Knee Patellofemoral Syndrome 10% Left Knee Gout 10% Gout Left Foot 0% Gout Right Foot 0% Facial hyperpigmentation 10% Post Operative Buninectomy Scar 0% Left Elbow Bursitis/Claimed as Gout 10% Right Hallux Valgus Post Bunionectomy 10% Hypertention 0% Left Hallux Valgus 0% Yeah, sorry....Facial Hyperpigmentation should read 30%
  2. I was calculating 'my already calculated' disability on http://www.vvaarizona.org/combined_disability.php# with their calculator. When I enter the number of rated disabilities (7) add 6 10% individually then my last of 30%, I get 62.7%....basically 60%. I am officially rated at 70% . The only way I get 70% on the calculator is if i add the 6 10% for 60% and add 30% and then calculate...72% for 70%. Which way is correct? If the first way is correct, has anyone ever had to pay back pay if they miscalculated? Like, 10% for over 9 years?
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