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  1. I am currently 70%, have a NOD in for PTSD/MST, it's over 1000 days, I just recently elected RAMP because the VA representative told me that all cases would be going thru RAMP later in 2019, so it makes sense to get ahead of the game (and I wouldn't lose my timeline that I've already waited). About 1.5 years ago, I went in for a cervical Xray (I have spinal stenosis), and they found nodules (benign) on my thyroid. About a month ago, I had surgery to remove my thyroid, so now I have hypothyroidism; it sucks. So in one month, I have gained 16 lbs, I am on medication for the rest of my life, they are telling me that it takes awhile to level out the medication, this condition usually leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, cold sensitivity, depression (already have that), etc. Is this something that I should submit an updated claim for (how do I connect the dots for service connection)?
  2. It took me approximately 10 years after service to come clean with my doc about an MST situation on my first ship. I've been in therapy and take meds for anxiety. I wrote my statement with the assistance of my therapist to not leave out any details....The VA comes back with a denial for MST.....unbelievable! It happened on a Navy ship, but they state it's a personal trauma. What a slap in the face. So I submitted a NOD....in 2016. We are now at 1000 days, and the guy at the VA # suggests using the RAMP program, as traditional appeals can take 3-7 years. Should I take that route with the RAMP? I'm currently 70% due to DDD, bursitis, asthma, & gerd. Recently had a CT scan for headaches, figured it was my cervical, secondary to my low back, they found nodules on my thyroid (having surgery this week to totally remove thyroid). Is that something that I can tie to service? Should I do an FDC for it?

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