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  1. Ah ok I think I understand. It's either muscle or nerve not both. Guessing just because the shoulder injury is already rated (and long thoracic nerve), doesn't mean I can't claim additional areas affected if in fact the 'pain' is caused by a different nerve affected by the injury. However, if the additional pain areas are the SAME nerve, then there will be no additional compensation. Sound about right?
  2. I read this and wanted to clarify: Pyramiding: A single condition can only be rated once! However, if a nerve condition or other condition exists that is additional to the shoulder or arm condition (not simply caused by it), then it can also be rated My current rating for my shoulder: 20% A/C Separation 20% Long thoracic nerve partial paralysis. After some years the straining, pain, and numbness has started affecting the muscles around it. (rhomboids and upper trapezius). By the statement above does this mean there is no room to claim the residual muscle strains
  3. So there is a mess of things going on with my shoulder. I got 20% for A/C separation and a 0% Long thoracic nerve paralysis that I am about to appeal since I have a winged scapula and limited ROM. After viewing X-rays from last year I noticed there was a bone the size and shape of a nickel floating below my scapula and clavicle as well as another small fragment. This happened after a reconstructive surgery removal of the outer third of left clavicle with graft. That's why my clavicle looks all jacked up. The report of the scapula states: There is a 1.2 cm well-coricated boney de
  4. Well it looks like I got the shaft. Got 20% for the A/C separation and it looks like the Dr. said my range of motion was completely normal. We even had a conversation about how bad it was. I have never seen such a big mistake made on an exam ever. He even gave me advice and felt bad... So how the hell did he put normal?!? I was thinking about getting a second opinion and appealing... However you can pyramid in nerve damage secondary to the shoulder injury. So I guess my next question is that extra percent I would have had for my shoulder claim could go on the nerve damage claim because I
  5. Ok so should I appeal or wait for my nerve damage claim for the same shoulder to have the ROM on that rating? Would it be on both since technically they can be separate claims?
  6. So the letter came in. 20% Granted for a grade 4 acromioclavicular separation, status post surgical removal of outer third of left clavicle with graft. 0% For scars "Additionally, a higher evaluation of 30% is not warranted for limitation of motion of the arm unless the evidence shows: Limited motion of the arm midway between the side and shoulder level." I had no idea the A/C separation was ratable and a very nice surprise.. However.. What the flying f@ck?! I went in originally because my range of motion is total garbage and even the Dr. said it was pretty bad. How w
  7. Guessing they do not post the C&P exam on HealthEvet anymore? I remember I was able to pull up my old one back in the day.
  8. So I got my rating back for a shoulder injury (20%). Have yet to get the letter, but a little concerned on a few things. Long story short.. Shoulder injury turned into one civilian surgery then 2 from the VA. The VA reconstructive surgery had a hamstring graft that left the front of my leg numb. Anyways doing a little digging myself this is what I came up with. Please forgive my ignorance on the matter. Code 5201 Range of motion. I definitely cannot raise my arm more than 45-50 degrees to the front or side without pain and I was evident during the C&P. Figured it woul
  9. Hey Broncovet, Thanks for responding. I definitely will pursue. I guess my next question is what exactly should I specify is the claim? Would it be splints or perhaps the loss of feeling and constant tingling? Or should I just go to the eval and tell them what is going on and they will decide? I feel like if I go in with an exact list of every terminology it might look weird rather than winging it. Any advice is appreciated.
  10. Hey everyone, First post! I have a shoulder injury I claimed and is service connected. I had 3 surgeries and one was a big reconstructive surgery that required the VA to harvest my hamstring and graft into my shoulder. The incision is on the front of my leg about 2 inches long down next to my shin bones. Funny thing is my shin hurt worse than the shoulder. After about 3 years of recovery there is a large section of the front of my leg that is completely numb and I frequently get shin splints from just walking. Since this is related to a service connected surgery is there any claim on
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