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  1. Thanks for the responses I appreciate it. Well I guess they "VA" had what they needed. I was awarded 100% yesterday.
  2. Thank you for your reply broncovet! I was rated for it 4 years ago. I was just awarded a rating of 100%. I was at 80% it took the last 3 years to get all the proper paperwork accumulated for the VA. I ask the question because I've been doing physical therapy and I know they are going to offer surgery as the next step to fixing it.
  3. First off thank you all for what you do. This site is such a wealth of knowledge. I have a question on compensation. I have a bad shoulder and its service connected 20%. The VA wants to do surgery to try and fix it. If allow them to do that would I lose the 20% compensation? I mean if the do the surgery and I get the range of motion back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Good day all, So I have a few questions. I filed new claims for increase of current service connected disabilities. Which I included DBQ's from my medical doctors one civilian and the others military doctors. The VA scheduled me for a C&P for two of the requested for increases almost immediately. However, for one of them they did not give me a C&P. Which is one of my issues which is my back Iam raited at 10% currently for my back which has progressively got worse. Which I see a pain management doctor every two months for injections so that I can move for the most part. I don't
  5. Good morning all, Thank you for your wisdom on the topic. I greatly appreciate it. So I am currently at 80% I was rated at 10% for herniated disc back in 2015 and my back has got worse and worse. I've had to get injections every two months since 2016. I was told to file for an increase because of that and I have nerve damage down the right leg as a result of my injuries. My PCM sent me for a nerve conduction test that clearly showed the nerve damage. I was diagnosed with in service TBI with a 0% on my initial VA exam in 2015. I just had my C&P for an increase which I was then se
  6. Ok so I was given DBQ's for my intent to file on multiple things. Most of which I am already service connected for. My question is that I had my treating physicians fill them out as instructed by the VA rep. I uploaded them as instructed. Now I was quickly contacted by the VA for the items that where new and that I did not have a DBQ for. I was quickly scheduled for C&B appointments which I have since went to. So what next? I mean for the DBQ's filled out by my treating physicians for the already service connected ailments that had a zero rating. Has anyone ever went this route? I hope th
  7. First off thank you for your input extremely valued. Well all my DBQ's submitted were for already service connected issues however they were for increases. The VA has already scheduled me for appointments for the issues that were new and had no DBQ's. I hope that makes sense. I guess I am just wondering why the VA hasnt scheduled appointments for the other items that I submitted DBQ's for. I had read that they may use those DBQ's to make a decision I was hoping someone had the same issue. Thank you again for the wisdom passed.
  8. Hello everyone, I stumbled over this site recently and joined immediately. Thank you all for your experience. I have a question on the DBQ's. I filed a intent to file and the VA rep gave me all the DBQ's and told me to have my treating physician fill them out. I did exactly that then uploaded them to to my ebenefits. I also filled for an increase in a few other service connected issues. The VA scheduled me for C&B for the two service connected issues however I have not heard anything about the DBQ's filled out by the treating physicians. Can anyone with experience give me an idea o
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