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  1. Morning everyone, I have a pending claim for sleep apnea that originally was not rated but partially denied for a sleep exam. However the VA had on file three completed studies from my private care and cpap compliance etc for over five years. Myself and my VSO guess that it is positive where it would be waste of investment in the test to find the outcome they already had valid documentation for. I went to another C&P exam before thanksgiving and the doctor agreed there was no need for any further testing. My claim passed review and is back in preparation for decision notification(reviewer agreed with examiner to not require another study). Just looking for any feedback if anyone has been there with their sleep apnea? Should the point of a test and cost to VA matter in my thoughts? I know the biggest part of the game here is connection and I'm never trusting fully of the VA. So I am 50/50 hopeful that where they didn't deny it with all the info they needed to do so if they desired, that the further inquiry to my condition could be just to firm up a rating and more forward with a payment. It also could just be further checking all their bases to deny.
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