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  1. @GeekySquid thanks for the good info. I will definitely be paying more attention to both ebennies and va.gov.
  2. @Blessed @GeekySquid thanks for the encouragement.
  3. @Blessed thank you, I needed to hear this!!! I’ll try and stay away from ebenefits and 1 800 # for awhile. The Baltimore RO has burned me before, but hopefully this time is different.
  4. @GeekySquid Ok, I’m confused and need clarification....hoping you can help. I called the VA today concerning the re-evaluation that was opened up on May 31st. The BA is using the C&P exam I had on May 18th. Yesterday it was in the final stage of the claim process. Today it moved all the way back to claim received. When I called the VA I was told the claim moved back because they wanted to wait until the IU claim finishes processing. Since the rater decided to wait on rating the the re-eval/increase does that mean he was going to deny the increase altogether and now wants to see the outcome of the IU claim before making a final decision?
  5. @Blessed Thank you for the encouragement to continue fighting.
  6. @vetquest thanks for the advice. If things don’t go how I would like I’ll be asking you guys for advice, my VSO is of no help
  7. My c-file is full of info about being unemployable. In fact, my initial claim for ptsd was inferred for IU b/c the rater seen evidence in my file that showed me as unemployable. I didn’t know anything about pulling reports from SSA. Hopefully the VA will do it. I was pretty thorough with my employment history. I’ve only had two jobs since I left the military in 2009. They were both short lived. The last being in 2018. It was a government job that lasted six months and was fired from. My firing was due to my ptsd and I gave the VA a copy of the letter sent to me from the job detailing what happened. I should not be denied IU b/c my evidence is strong, but we both know the VA will do whatever they want regardless of whether it’s right or not.
  8. @GeekySquid I get your confusion b/c I’m confused by the whole thing. My claim for increase/TDIU was received on April 31, 2019. Then on May 30, 2019 an additional claim popped up with no real information listed other than sayin it is a claim for compensations. This week I saw an estimated complete date of June 11th. When I called Peggy they looked through some notes and said the VA was likely going to combine the two claims into one and use the C&P exam I had on May 18, 2019. This recent exam was for an increase and not TDIU. So, I think the re-evaluation is supposed to be closed out on Tuesday. My increase/TDIU claim is scheduled to be worked on again this Wednesday. I recently uploaded some documents the VA asked for, so I’m hoping it will be rated on sometime soon. I’m wondering if I am not rated at 100% will I need another C&P for the TDIU side of the claim.
  9. @GeekySquid thanks for the info you. The C&P I just had was for an increase. My claim is for increase/TDIU. I called Peggy and was told the exam I just had would be used for the re-evaluation and is scheduled to be finished on Tuesday. However, my original claim won’t be worked again until next Wednesday. Right now the estimated completion date is between July and September.
  10. @GeekySquid I had my c&p exam on May 18th. I uploaded my DD 214 and medical release form on June 5th. I’m hoping to have a decision soon. However, I looked on va.gov this past weekend and noticed a compensation claim opened up on May 31st. When I called the 1-800 on Monday I was told a C&P exam had previously been scheduled for sometime in May. This was put in the system before I filed my increase/IU claim. Will the VA use the C&P exam I just took or make me take another? If they use the recent exam will this help my increase/IU claim to be closed out soon. The estimated date for the new C&P exam is scheduled to be complete on June 12th which is next Wednesday.
  11. @GeekySquid Thanks. I talked to my VSO this morning. Once the notes are available she’ll let me know what it says. I won’t be able to get a full report from her. Also, I need it to file an SSDI claim.
  12. I had my C&P exam this past Saturday due to it being cancelled last Thursday. It was for an increase and performed by QTC. Does anyone know when I can get a copy of the report from the VA RO?
  13. @GeekySquid I’m sorry I didn’t fully explain what I mean. I don’t have sleep apnea. My sleep disturbances is strictly due to anxiety and panic attacks which I have everyday. I figured not having it would prove to the VA just how bad my anxiety and panic attacks are. My last C&P exam downplayed how bad it is and caused me not to be rated at 100%.
  14. @GeekySquid You are correct on being downgraded from 100% to 70%. I looked over what she wrote down compared to my therapist DBQ. It had to do with my panic attacks and anxiety. It has gotten much worse and I am now on medication to help manage it. I just had a sleep apnea test done because I wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares and panic attacks in my sleep. I just looked on my health vet today. I do not have sleep apnea. My sleep issues are purely due to my ptsd. I’m going to print it out and give it to the examiner in hopes it will help my claim.
  15. @GeekySquid thanks for the advice. I have a copy of my original C&P exam and I will look it over. I have gotten much worse and my VA medical records show that to be the case. On my original claim the doctor didn’t put down the correct answers to some of the questions I was asked. If she had, I would have stayed at 100% instead of being downgraded. I’m concerned about this happening again and losing the 70% I do have.
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