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  1. @GBArmy thanks for the encouraging words. I am for sure going to apply for an upgrade with the discharge. I’ll definitely keep you posted.
  2. @vetquest You’re right...sadly. I started getting excited, but ebenefits is notorious for being unreliable. It’s probably a mistake. I emailed my VSO, but she is out of town until next week. If by some miracle it is medical retirement I’ll update you.
  3. I was granted TDIU P&T last week. Today I received a no reply email from Ebenefits. It stated that they aware of my separating from the military and have received a DOD disability rating. Originally, the Army gave me the boot with a general discharge and busted down in rank. I had PTSD while in service and didn’t know it, but they knew something was off. During my original claim I’m 2014 the VSR found markers while still in the service that showed signs of PTSD. Does anyone know if it’s possible that I am now being granted a medical retirement due to the evidence the VA found? Has this happened to anyone?
  4. @vetquest Thank you so much for this valuable bit of information!! I learn so much from you guys on this site. I will be applying for this and Social Security as soon as possible.
  5. @vetquest My VSO sent me a copy of my award letter. I have been granted TDIU total and permanent. In the last post you wrote about me possibly getting retirement by filing with the Board of Correction. How long did the process take for you? Do you have any pointers that could help my case?
  6. @vetquest thanks for letting me know. I had no idea anything could be done. As soon as this claim has been decided I’ll look into it.
  7. @vetquest I got out of the military in 2009. My behavior had drastically changed and I had ptsd without knowing it. They put me out with a general discharge. I tried working from 2017 -2018. The first job was part-time and I made less than $8,000 a year. The second job was with the federal government and lasted a little less than 6 months. My total income for that year was about $14,000 and I was fired. I gave the VA a copy of the letter as evidence. I’m hoping the evidence is enough to get me TDIU. My claim is supposed to be decided by July 18th. They are just waiting on medicL records from my private therapist which she faxed to the intake center today.
  8. @GeekySquid I’m going to take up yoga...maybe this will help
  9. @Blessed @GeekySquid The VA recently sent out a request to Social Security and both my former employers. Is this a good sign? A VA rep informed me former employers aren’t contacted unless the rater is leaning towards granting IU...not sure how true this is
  10. @GeekySquid thanks for the good info. I will definitely be paying more attention to both ebennies and va.gov.
  11. @Blessed @GeekySquid thanks for the encouragement.
  12. @Blessed thank you, I needed to hear this!!! I’ll try and stay away from ebenefits and 1 800 # for awhile. The Baltimore RO has burned me before, but hopefully this time is different.
  13. @GeekySquid Ok, I’m confused and need clarification....hoping you can help. I called the VA today concerning the re-evaluation that was opened up on May 31st. The BA is using the C&P exam I had on May 18th. Yesterday it was in the final stage of the claim process. Today it moved all the way back to claim received. When I called the VA I was told the claim moved back because they wanted to wait until the IU claim finishes processing. Since the rater decided to wait on rating the the re-eval/increase does that mean he was going to deny the increase altogether and now wants to see the outcome of the IU claim before making a final decision?
  14. @Blessed Thank you for the encouragement to continue fighting.
  15. @vetquest thanks for the advice. If things don’t go how I would like I’ll be asking you guys for advice, my VSO is of no help
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