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  1. Wow, thank you so much to you both. This is very helpful information! Apologies, Berta, for posting in multiple places - I found what looked like more appropriate forums as I went along... My dad is positive that he docked AND went on shore in Cam Ranh Bay and Da Nang Harbor. Maybe you're right that it involved a smaller vessel. I will have to ask. I don't know his MOS - just that he worked in data, data security, and electronics. Would his service records necessarily show that he went aboard a smaller vessel or that he went on land? So far I only have his DD-214. It is one page and lists no locations. Am I missing something? I will apply for the DD-215. Are there any other records I should seek out? Berta, you mentioned SMRS and inservice personnel records -- where would I get those? He says his assignment on land in Cam Ranh involved loading and unloading of supplies or equipment, and Da Nang involved the transfer of injured servicemembers, as well as something to do with electronics. He says he spent a few nights on land as part of these assignments. He also says he was aboard an aircraft that went onto land as part of one or more of these tasks. He is not well, and his military service has never been a topic he has wanted to talk about or re-live, so we talk about this in small bursts before he gets tired out. I'm still trying to gather a better picture of everything, while trying not to cause any undue stress -- although he's starting to wonder why I'm so interested, LOL. Thinking about research strategy -- From what I understand about the Blue Water guidelines, Ranger would not qualify if it merely docked in Cam Ranh or Da Nang, since those are open/deep water bays? But if he: (a) was aboard a smaller vessel that is on the list, or (b) can come up with some evidence that he went on shore, then he could qualify? What about his memory of going onto land via aircraft? Does that sound like something I could potentially find evidence to support? As far as other locations, I don't know everything because I have no records showing any locations. But I know he spent time in the Philippines and I believe, Japan. We have records of a few medals, ribbons, and a commendation letter. Berta - what does Nehmer Footnote One refer to? And thanks for the helpful links! I have reached out to the Ranger unit club. They have copies of the Cruise Books. Would that potentially be helpful to me? Thank you again for the info and your advocacy!
  2. Hi, my dad was in the navy on USS Ranger from 1969-1975, and he is positive that Ranger docked to pier in Vietnam on numerous occasions, and that he went off ship on work details, so he did have boots on ground. However, the USS Ranger is not on the VA's presumptive ship list. I am brand new to all things VA. I only have his DD-214, which says nothing useful. Is there any way I can gather evidence that either a) he had boots on ground, or b) Ranger docked to pier in Vietnam? One person at VA suggested reviewing the ship logs in the national archives, but that mostly only lists coordinates and has very little detail. Alternatively, an environmental health coordinator at the VA said when we go in for the AO Registry Exam, they'll ask him about having boots on ground and decide on the spot whether he qualifies -- that didn't seem like a great prospect, given that Ranger is not on the ship list. Any input from anyone who has been in a similar situation would be helpful. Thank you!
  3. Hi, I'm just starting to research this because my dad has lewy body dementia, which has the same etiology as parkinson's. Lewy Body and Parkinson's are thought by some experts to actually be the same disease. Has there been any movement on the presumptive list to include parkinson-type diseases, or are any changes expected in the near future? Also, can a person apply for AO benefits without having a presumptive condition? I think i saw mention somewhere of a list of conditions that are considered strongly correlated but not presumptive - does that exist? And has anyone gone through the process of applying and doing the registry exam with Lewy Body or other parkinson-type conditions?
  4. There is an updated ship list from the VA as of November 2018 - not available online yet but I called and they emailed it to me. My dad's ship is still not included, but I believe it should fall into category III (ships that docked to port in Vietnam), as my father is positive that it did on many occasions and that he went on shore for work details. Anyone have any info on how to go about making and winning such a claim with the VA?
  5. alliem

    Blue Water vets-

    Do you have a sample letter we can send to representatives in support of the bill?
  6. Hi, I'm just starting the agent orange application process for my father and have a lot of questions. Would love to get insight from anyone who has been through the process and/or who may have similar circumstances. First, he was on a blue water naval ship (USS Ranger), but he did set boots on ground as part of a work detail when his ship was docked in Vietnam. Has anyone had a similar situation, and if so, did you have to come up with evidence that you set boots on ground? If so, where/how did you find that? Second, he has lewy body dementia, which is believed by experts to be the same disease as parkinson's, the only difference is the timing and order in which symptoms appear. I have seen that very few LBD patients have made successful Agent Orange claims, and most seek a diagnosis of Parkinsons or PDD in order to qualify. If anyone has experience in how this works I'd love to hear about it and I have some specific questions.
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