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  1. The FDA established that for legal protection only, not because they know anything about nerve system anomalies. I learned, over 25 years ago, that when physical pain overtakes me, I must try to over-ride it with an overwhelming mental preoccupation: thus this response. One of the reasons I devote most of my time preparing current geopolitics classes for seniors (no financial gain for me), is to focus on mental activity to offset my almost unbearable physical pain. Occupying my mind, for my benefit and others, is keeping me alive, at least for now. My qest for compensation back pay i
  2. Hamslice, you obviously have much more experience dealing with the VA than I have and certainly have much more understanding of the intricacies of the age-old, sacred, self-protecting, selfish roles the VA has, but, just like the IRS, FDA, DOD, and most US government agencies, including Congress, they devise rules and laws which focus on their self interests first. I should have started this reply (or probably not even started it at all), by explaining that I am writing this at 3:17 in morning. I cannot sleep because of leg pain caused by some anomaly in my nerve system,an unsolvable me
  3. I want to thank all who responded! Gaining experiences of others in dealing with the VA is FAR more beneficial then placing those 133 phone calls I have made since June 2018. Since I never had the experience of participating in a forum such as this, I'll use the approach of 'collectively commenting' : aceup: I have had a long meeting with the VSO in NH. She rated my situation as being the most complicated. No response yet. The big issue is the denial of the validity of my wife's statement for 37 years of compensation, when that same statement was accepted as the basis of awarding me
  4. My USAF medical records were lost or destroyed and I was initially denied any compensation. I retired in June 1981 with 20 years service. In June 2018 I found that the VA would accept a 4 page signed statement from my spouse, of 57 years, describing what family life was like living with back pain which started in June 1968, while on active duty. Within 2 weeks, I was awarded 80% disability, with 14 medical problems identified. Monthly disability checks started. I then submitted a claim for 37 years of.retroactive pay, and was denied because that 4 page statement by wife was considered "info
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