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  1. I called Peggy today to find out how to get a copy of my C-file and asked about this claim while I had her on the phone. As expected, she couldn't/wouldn't tell me much, except that on her end the claim closed today (3/25) - which is strange because ebennies said it closed on 3/22. She said the BBE goes out tomorrow, and in my experience, that means I should have it by Saturday. I'll update when I know more.
  2. Buck52, for anyone similarly situated and following the thread - what about this strikes you as favorable? Is it the details of the claim? Of course, the money would be nice - but I'm not in an emergency situation. So, no plan B needed. THANKS!
  3. Moved to "Complete" today. Ebenefits says the BBE is on the way, but so far there's no change in VA letters or effective benefit date.
  4. Thanks, vetquest. My case may be unique in that I was initially approved for more than I expected (I expected 30-50% and got 80%). If I get TDIU it's an unexpected bonus. So, I have zero stress about what happens and when it happens. I check ebenefits frequently so I can try to see what's happening without missing anything for the sole purpose of posting it here. Maybe what I learn can help a brother or sister who is stressing out. I've received a lot from the veteran's community - I hope to give back in some small way.
  5. Moved to Preparation for Notification today. So far I can't see any changes in letters or anywhere else in ebenefits.
  6. Here's a quick follow up for anyone following this thread. Claim showed as reopened on 01/11/2019 and went straight to "Preparation for Decision" the next day with a completion date of 02/02/2019 - 02/28/2019. I've called every other week to make sure everything looks right, and that they don't need any further information from me. One of the Peggys even said it looks like a simple case of reopening and correcting an error, FWIW. I have an attorney on standby and will go to NOD if this doesn't work out. I'll check in again when I know more.
  7. Thanks for the fast response, broncovet. It looks like they considered the SSA decision in determining that I was non-SC IU, but they don't say which disabilities, so I have to assume it's the disabilities that were deferred and later approved as SC. My major beef is that they decided against service connection while there were still deferred disabilities, and then didn't reopen the IU claim when ALL the deferred items were later approved, PLUS the C&P examiner added another one. Peggy even agreed with me, FWIW.
  8. Greetings! I've been lurking here for a bit and have been the beneficiary of quite a bit of good information. Now I have a question specific to my claim that I don't see answered anywhere else. Here's a quick synopsis of my claim: SSDI approved; 13 DEC 16 Intent to file VAD; 22 MAY 17 Completed filing; 14 MAY 18 claiming four disabilities (cervical spine arthritis / left hip arthritis / L&R shoulder bursitis and tendonitis) and IU Received first rating decision; 31 OCT 18 - left hip denied / left shoulder approved @ 20% / right shoulder and neck deferred / IU denied, but VA acknowledges I am unemployable but due to NSC disabilities Received second rating decision; 27 NOV 18 - cervical spine approved @ 30% / right shoulder approved @ 20% / C&P examiner added right upper extremity radiculopathy @ 40% (surprise!) so, VA math - 40+30+20+20 = 80%, and all back pay received But my IU claim was left in the dust, and I'm thinking it should have been re-opened. Called today and spoke to Peggy - she filed for a reconsideration of IU based on new rating decision and agreed it should have been held open till deferred items were decided. She said it should reappear on ebenefits within 30 days, and call back if it doesn't My question is: Should I do anything else right now, or just wait the 30 days and see what happens? Plenty of time for a NOD later. How does this all look? Complete claim as far as anyone can tell?
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