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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I am scheduling a appt with my VSO and a Disability attorney to review this issue.
  2. Berta: As requested, from 9/2014 claim files, response on 3/2015 "6. Service connection for right foot arthritis. Service connection may be granted for a disability which began in military service or was caused by some event or experience in service. While your service treatment records reflect complaints, treatment, or a diagnosis similar to that claimed, the medical evidence supports the conclusion that a persistent disability was not present in service. There was no continuity of symptoms from service to the present. The evidence does not show that your disease developed to a compensable degree within the specified time period after release from service to qualify for the presumption of service connection. We received your medical evidence which discusses the symptoms of your medical condition; however, there was no evidence found relating your current diagnosis of right foot arthritis to your treatment for right foot sprain during military service. A disability which began in service or was caused by some event in service must be considered "chronic" before service connection can be granted. Although there is a record of treatment in service for right foot arthritis, no permanent residual or chronic disability subject to service connection is shown by the service medical records or demonstrated by evidence following service. Therefore, service connection for right foot arthritis is denied." 2017-03 Claim result: Issue/Contention degenerative arthritis, right foot previously rated under (DC 5284) Percentage assigned 20% Effective Date Nov 21, 2016 1. We have assigned a 20 percent evaluation for your degenerative arthritis, right foot previously rated under (DC 5284) based on: -Extreme tenderness of plantar surfaces of the feet -Indication of swelling on use -Pain on manipulation of the feet, accentuated Additional symptom(s) include: Pain on manipulation of the feet 2. A higher evaluation of 30 percent is not warranted for acquired flat foot unless the evidence shows: -Unilateral involvement with pronounced symptoms; marked pronation, extreme tenderness of plantar surfaces, of the feet, marked inward displacement and severe spasm of the tendo achillis on manipulation, not improved by orthopedic shoes or appliances: or -Bilateral involvement with severe symptoms: objective evidence of marked deformity (pronation, abduction, etc), pain on manipulation and use accentuated, indication of swelling on use, characteristic callosities 3. The effective date of this grant is November 21, 2016. The date we received your reopened claim. I'm not sure why they tied this to the plantar region. There is degenerative bone with significant All of his pain is in the mid foot. The pain is worse with activity and improved with rest. He is an IT administrator for Windows. Right foot OA and insertional posterior tibialis tendonitis. XRay submitted evidence shows "The lateral view of the right foot shows moderate sclerosis and bone spurs of the mid foot. There are no fractures or dislocations." MRI (2018-02) results to be submitted: Alignment/ joints: There is moderate to severe degenerative change of the navicular and medial cuneiform articulation with articular cartilage loss, joint space narrowing, subchondral sclerosis, subchondral cystic change, and marginal osteophyte formation, best seen on the long axis images series 1101 and 1201 image 25 and sagittal images series 1301 and 40,101 image 9. This finding likely correlates to the area of clinical concern marked by the patient at the medial midfoot. There is also similar appearing mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the first tarsometatarsal joint. Mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the first Metatarsal phalangeal joint with trace joint effusion is noted. No other significant degenerative change is identified. Alignment of the foot is anatomic. The collateral ligaments and plantar plates of the metatarsal phalangeal joints appear intact
  3. I had someone review my claim for service related foot arthritis. My original claim was denied in 9/2014, saying it wasn't service connected. I filed again 3/2015 and again denied. I supplied a copy of my TAD orders and medical records on 3/2017 and was granted 20%. However, this should have been back dated to 9/2014. So does anyone know where to file for the back pay? I was told there's a spot in eBenefits, but I have yet to find it, or in Vets.org?
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